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6 Tips to Makeover Without Painting Your Walls

There are times when  it becomes quite apparent that your bedroom will need more than a lick of paint to spruce things up again. Often we live off the thrill of something new for a couple of weeks before going back to feelings of uncomfortable desperation for something else to please us. Sometimes we just need to go back to basics and start again to get what we were really looking for; while you were lying in your bed thinking about how you need a new lamp to brighten up the room to make you feel at ease, it was probably the old, bumpy mattress you were lying on that made you feel that way. Looking beyond the problem can help to solve it in more ways than one. With that in mind, here are six suggestions to give your bedroom a makeover - without just painting your walls.

Get the Paint Out

So instantly a paradox is introduced - but this is not for the walls. You can achieve a stunning result in trying to change the look of your bedroom by simply upcycling existing furniture that already resides within. While the shabby chic trend is still popular, requiring a simple lick of chalk paint, there are other styles that can be considered for whatever look is desired. Monochrome is always a classic; bright, bold colours will make your furniture ‘pop’ and give a focal point to your room; a coat of wax will help your wooden furniture shine. Of course, if your bedroom does need painting, you should do it whilst you’re already doing up other stuff to save the mess - it could be beneficial in the long run.

Change the Knobs

If any of your furniture has knobs on it (let’s take a chest of drawers for a classic example), these can easily be replaced in order to add an edge that wasn’t there before. It doesn’t require paint or even work to do so; some can be removed with a simple twist, while others do require screwdrivers to help speed the process along - it all depends on how long they have been there and how well they have initially been fitted. Knobs can brighten up a piece of furniture which was previously lacking a certain je ne sais quoi, and they are relatively cheap to buy, too. There are thousands of different shapes, ranging from flowers to hearts to traditional spheres, so you will not be stuck on choice.

Ditch the Mattress

According to studies, the general public are holding on to their mattresses for quite a bit longer than they really should. Not only is this linked to the buildup of bacteria within the mattress itself, but it is also proven to cause problems with sleeping due to the lack of support that an older mattress can provide. Think about the last time you replaced your mattress; if you can’t put a year on it, the Spice Girls were Number 1 or you had just celebrated the Millennium, consider replacing it. The actual recommendation is every eight years to ensure a good night’s sleep. There are many different styles of mattress out on the market now to suit personal preference; you could try a waterbed for a more relaxed feel, or a latex mattress for guaranteed comfort. Either way, if it’s been a good while since your last replacement, treat yourself.

Curtains to Blinds to Both

Whether you have curtains, blinds or a mixture of the two in your bedroom, a makeover is the perfect excuse to switch them up. Blinds come in a variety of styles, offering anything from elegance to functionality; think roman blinds, roller blinds and venetian blinds for bedrooms, each of which gives a completely different feel to the room. While not much can be done in terms of providing decoration with the venetian blinds, they can be combined with curtains to create a whole new style; classic wooden venetian blinds work well with curtains with a leafy pattern, for example, giving an earthy look. Roman and roller blinds can provide the majority of the decoration for your room, providing a surge of colour or ornamentation to really bring alive whatever theme you choose for your rejuvenation.

Put up Pictures

There are so many photos that are condemned to boxes and albums forever; why not bring them out, pop them in a frame and hang up in your bedroom for a personal touch. They don’t have to be of friends or family members; landscapes work well, or even those photographs that you took by mistake of a random tree or flower. If you mix it up with different styles and hues of frame, you can add a real shabby chic or modern look to the room dependent upon which colour scheme you wish to choose. You can put them up in a straight line or choose to place them randomly at different heights and widths; either way will look superb and as if it was meant to be. That’s the thing with picture frames and nailing them up - it will always look deliberately fashionable wherever you place them! You can always mix and match with paintings, quotes and even wall hangings to add a pinch of pizazz to a previously dull space, or work on the frame itself to add a quirky touch. Work with what you’ve got - it may surprise you what you can find lying around to use in terms of decoration.

Place the Plants

Ultimately, there is nothing that can brighten up a room more than a bunch of flowers. This isn’t to say that you need a fresh bunch of flowers in your bedroom every week; grab a flowering or tall plant from your local garden centre and add it to a space which needs just a little something extra. Plants and flowers can help fill a room and are also extremely good for your health - as well as boosting your general mood, they offer cleaner air by ridding it of pollutants. Not only do they offer all of these benefits, but they’re cheap, too; dependent upon what you are looking for, of course. Simple potted plants can cost the same as a loaf of bread, and they last for a lot longer.


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