Friday, December 9, 2016

Whimzees Natural Dog Treats #2016HolidayGiftGuide

Hey neighbors!

Whimzees Natural Dog Treats sent me three different samples of their Natural Dog Treats, that are designed for dental care.  All the dogs LOVE them!  Honor of course has received more of them, because she stays in the living room with me most of the day, just about every day.  And of course I keep the treats (all of them), right beside my desk.  Actually, I have a treat jar on the corner of my desk.

Honor receives one Whimzees treat a day.  After her morning feeding and some time outside she comes in to spend time with me and the first thing she does is get her treat.  She then takes it to her doggy bed to eat it.  She hasn't learned yet not to snack in bed.  LOL!

Whimzees come in some adorable shapes.  The first I believe was the one that looks like a toothbrush (15 lbs. and above).  It comes in three different colors, as do the others.  Then we have alligator shaped treats (dogs 25 lbs. and above). My favorite and probably Honor's favorite is the hedgehog (dogs 40 lbs. and above).  So you can purchase them based on your dogs size.  It is also recommended for dogs 9 months and older.

Whimzees dog treats are of course made with natural ingredients.  The design of each of the treats is what helps remove tartar and plaque from your dogs teeth as they chew the treat.  The bags actually velcro closed.  Honor of course hears overtime a bag is moved, let alone opened.  She immediately comes and stands beside me when she hears me open a bag.  Once the treat is out she sits, because she has learned she will not receive a treat until she does.  The only problem we have is the living room is tiled and she slowly starts sliding into the down position.

Doesn't Honor look content?  Wouldn't your dog/puppy love to get some Whimzees for the holidays and every day?  You can find Whimzees at most larger pet stores, and of course online.  There is a store locator on their website.

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