Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Walk Scores of Famous American Homes

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Have you ever heard of a "walk score" for a home?  I had not until just the other day.  A walk score is basically based on the amount of conveniences you can actually walk to from your home, rather than taking a bike or car, or some other mode of transportation.  From out home for instance, you can walk to the post office, a bank, a small grocery store, the library and many other places.  Our home would have a pretty decent walk score.  Some other homes we have lived in would not.

For example, when we lived in northern Maine, you had to drive to go anywhere.  The post office was several miles away, and many other conveniences were a half hours drive.  If we wanted a Walmart, we were several hours away!

The higher the score the more places you catwalk to.  So, Paul Revere's house had a score of 99.  Albert Einsteins house only rates a 52.  Take a moment and click HERE to see the ratings of some other historic homes!  You might be amazed.

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