Friday, December 9, 2016

TrustyPup Dog Bed #2016HolidayGiftGuide

Hey Neighbors!

Check out Honor's new bed from TrustyPup!  She LOVES this bed.  This particular bed from TrustyPup has memory foam.  They do have other types and styles of beds.

This one is particularly soft.  I could not believe how soft it felt when it arrived.  I has become Honor's favorite place to be when she is in our living room, except of course when she is playing or I have a treat for her.  Even with her toys and treat though, she often heads over to her bed.  I have to shake her bed out regularly, because she eats in bed.

We have a routine every morning.  She goes outside for about 10 minutes right after we get up.  Then I bring her in and feed her.  When she is done eating she goes back outside for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on how nice it is outside.  When she comes back in she gets one of her dental treats, which she immediately takes to her TrustyPup bed to devour!

The bed is truly a retreat to her.  She likes to lay there and watch us as I work on the computer, or as the family watches something on our monitor.  She is quick enough to leave though when she sees one of her toys or a treat.  Yesterday she had filled her bed with so many of her toys, balls, stuffed toys and squeakers, that she no longer fit in with them!

You can find TrustyPup beds at many of your local department stores and on Amazon.  Follow them on their social media:
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So if you are looking for a nice, comfortable bed for your puppy or dog, look no further.  Also, is you are considering a new puppy or dog for the holidays, consider giving a card promising a pup after the holiday chaos is over and give a dog bed with other supplies to prepare.

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