Friday, December 23, 2016

Maintain Your Home, Maintain Your Health: Why Those Repairs Are More Than Simple Vanity

Home maintenance is one of those things that we're all guilty of letting slip from time-to-time. There's a lot of it - that big new house isn't seeming like such a good idea now, is it? - and to try and keep on top of it all isn't realistic. In the midst of juggling a busy family life, work and everything else - something has to fall by the wayside.
Now, I'm not about to start castigating you for that. It's easy to see how it happens, and yes, in a perfect world it wouldn't be the case. But given the year that 2016 has been, I think we can all agree we live in far from the perfect world!
With that said, a word of caution might be necessary. If you are limited on times and funds, there are particular areas that you have to ensure you focus on. Not for the sake of your home keeping up with the latest trends or anything so silly - but for health. There are some areas you just can't afford to overlook, so let's examine then so you know where the priorities have to go...
Heating - You Have To Keep The Home Fires Burning
When your heating is on the fritz, the ways around it become evident. Why shell out what is almost always an extortionate repair bill when you can just put another sweater on? And weren't blankets made for occasions such as these?
But the truth is that keeping warm is not a matter of luxury - it's a question of health. The consensus among doctors is that we should try and keep our homes around 64F/18C. This is particularly the case for the very young and the very old. Unless you want to take huge health risks, then heating repair should be at the top of the list.
Excess Moisture - Worry When It Starts To Paint It Black
Mold problems in the home should be treated as an emergency, yet for some reason too many of us don't do so. Instead, we more treat them as a problem that has to be fixed, yes, but not something to worry about. In fact, you'll find more people concerned with the aesthetic impact.
This is troubling because black mold is incredibly dangerous for your health. In fact, a poorly-ventilated and excessively-moldy house was seen as a leading contributor to the deaths of actress Brittany Murphy and her husband. So this is not just a scare story; if you don't stay on top of this issue, then the consequences can literally be fatal.

There are plenty of other areas of home maintenance that can be problematic if left for too long, but the two above should be your primary focus. If your budget and time is limited, then these issues have to be fixed. Anything else can be left to fall by the wayside to an extent, but it is imperative it is not the case with these.
If you feel this point is being made a little too forcefully - it's not. It's just that important, so if you know you have an issue in this area, take care of it now.


scottsgal said...

Grateful that hubby is in HVAC to keep us in heat and AC, definitely an area you want to do preventative cleanings and maintenance on in your home

Natalie said...

I just moved into a new home! Home maintenance is crucial to avoid big problems in the future too.

Anonymous said...

Good points! We have had hidden mold issues in a prior home of really can get into unsuspected places and is a project to fix so it's good to monitor those things!