Friday, December 9, 2016

goDog Toys for the Holidays #2016HolidayGiftGuide

Hey neighbors!

Honor LOVES toys!  She likes squeaky ones best.  She likes to sit there with her toy, search for the squeaker and when she finds it, she just keeps biting down on the squeaker.  It is hysterically funny, until it becomes annoying.  LOL!

So, in comes goDog with their Skinny Dragons.  Honor really likes this one.  It is narrow enough that she can work her way up and down the body to locate the squeaker.  The Dragons come in two sizes and have puncture resistant squeakers.  This one also works well for a small game of tug of war.

She also received the Fuzzy Wuzzy Sheep, with a puncture resistant squeaker.  Honor likes to play fetch with this one.  It is nice and soft and can be tossed inside.

The goDog Winger is a tennis type ball inside a stretchy, rubbery cover.  It has a loop at one end, where you can actually shoot the ball across the yard, by placing your finger in the loop and pulling back and letting go.  We also have 2 of the goDog Ultimate Balls.  We actually play fetch inside with these too!

I want to say, that Honor has not damaged any of these toys thus far.  I really have to be careful with hers, because she loves to chew and tug on her toys.  She has destroyed many other toys.  goDog toys are made with Chew Guard Technology.  This helps these toys stand up to chewers like Honor.

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Be sure to consider goDog toys when you are purchasing holiday gifts for you canine friend.  They make great stocking stuffers.  Also you could put together a nice doggie gift basket.  Also, goDog toys come with a guarantee to outlast your average plush dog toy.

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