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Memories Make The Best Gifts! Collage Photo Gifts! #HolidayGiftGuide #Christmas

I know I'm not alone when I say that photo gifts are some of my favorite things to give and receive for birthdays and holidays. Being able to actually look back at the memories in a photo book, a print on the wall, a photo canvas, or any of the other dozens of photo gift ideas offers is one of the best gifts you could ever give! I was so excited when Collage offered to participate in our holiday gift guide again this year; they have become my go-to company when I shop for photo gifts for the family. I was able to design a Premium Photo Book for this review, which is a 20-page book (with the option to add more pages if needed) that measures 11.5x7.65 inches, the perfect size to put on your coffee table.

I decided to do the photo book as a "memory book" of our trip to the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge this year. This annual trip is our favorite event of the year, getting to fellowship with friends from all over the country, making new friends, and visiting the beautiful Smoky Mountains. We spend about ten days in the area, so you can imagine we come home with tons of photos, with all four of us constantly snapping pictures. 20 pages was just what we needed to keep all these memories in one handy place to look at whenever we want!

Designing on Collage is easy. I have never had trouble uploading pictures, and it always runs smoothly and easily. Once you have all the photos uploaded you'll be using, you can start designing. I used the manual option, but you can opt to have Collage add all your photos for you, and then arrange them as you'd like. I like doing the manual so I can put pictures in in a specific order. You can also add frames, background colors/designs, filters, and text. It's also up to you how many pictures you want on each page. Whether you have a special picture you want to make full-page, or if you have seven or eight pictures to squeeze onto one page, it's completely up to you.

Once I finished designing the photo book - and triple-checking to make sure all the necessary photos were included, but no doubles - I placed the order. Within a very short time I received a shipping notification, and then it was simply a matter of hoping the Postal Service would hurry up and deliver! I knew being a Collage product the quality and speed of service would be amazing, but I wasn't prepared for just how beautiful the photo book would be. This is the first time I've ordered a premium photo book, and the quality is simply astounding! There are two very noticeable differences between a hardcover and premium hardcover photo book. The premium features lay-flat pages, so you can leave it open to a special page on your coffee table. No matter what page you turn to, it really does lay flat. It also uses a high-end glossy archival paper that is almost twice as thick as standard photo paper! This makes a difference in the brightness and sharpness of your photos-it's beautiful! Needless to say, I have had trouble hanging on to this photo book. Every time I turn around one member of the family has taken off with it to go back through the memories - in clear, crisp, stunning beauty! These pictures honestly don't do justice to how beautiful the book is.

It really does lay flat!

This holiday season, make all your family happy with a photo gift from Collage. Whether you'd like a photo book from a vacation or event, a photo blanket with some favorite pictures, calendar, t-shirt, apron, canvas print, or laptop sleeve, you can find the perfect photo gift for anyone and everyone on your list at Collage!


Christy DuBois said…
Oh I love photo gifts as well. You really can't appreciate how great the photo books are until you see it in person in my opinion. I love them to receive and to give as gifts.

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