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Hyper Pet Dog Toys for the Holidays!

Hey neighbors!

Many of you know we added a German Shepherd to our household of Shelties.  What you may not know is that Honor is one bundle of energy.  She is amazingly smart, and yet it is like having a toddler in the home.  This made me really excited to work with Hyper Pet for our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide.  Where our Shelties could care less if they have toys, Honor LOVES toys.  She has a wooden bin where we keep her toys and where she can easily access them.  I have actually had a competition with Honor and a couple of my daughters to see if they can put the toys away faster than she can take them out.  I will just say, it is much easier to put her toys away when she is not present.

So, we received a box of toys from Hyper Pet, that arrived a couple of days ago.  Honor helped us check out what was in the box.  She is very inquisitive.  Needless to say, she was pulling toys out before we could even remove the tags.  I can not decide which toy she likes best.  She received a Firehose Friends Snake.  She LOVES the squeakers in her snake!  As in she will lay down and chew them almost nonstop! Squeak, squeak, squeak.  These are made of the same material (canvas) in making firehoses.  This means they are very sturdy.

Then we have the Flying Duck.  The duck has elastic inside the neck, that stretches when you place your finger inside the little pocket under the bill and pull.  Basically like a slingshot.  When you let go, the duck literally flies across the room.  So does Honor in hot pursuit.  This toy floats, so you can shoot it out into water for your dog to retrieve.  The Flying Series can fly up to 100 ft.  There is also a Flying Pig.

Next we have a K-9 Kannon.  This Kannon launches tennis balls up to 75 feet.  You just pull back on the handle on the back of the launcher until it clicks in place.  Insert the tennis ball into the mouth of the barrel, point and pull the trigger.  The ball shoots out the end.  I have actually used it inside a bit, by not pulling back quite so much on the handle, but I do not recommend this unless you know that whoever is doing so will practice self control.  There is a holder to hold the ball when not in use.  You can also pull the handle back and pick up a ball off the ground using the end of the barrel.

Now, one of her favorite toys is the new Ridge Ball from PetLogix.  PetLogix is part of Hyper Pet.  The Ridge Ball is made of EVA foam and feels firm.  The ball stands up to Honor biting and chewing.  Does your dog like water?  It floats!  Honor likes to bat it around and chase it around our living room, until it rolls under a piece of furniture.  Then she lays there looking under hoping someone will come get it for her.  If no one jumps up she gets bored, usually within seconds, and bounds over to her box to get a new toy.  The Ridge Ball comes in three sizes.

As with any dog toy, watch your dog while playing with them.  Should your dog chew a piece loose, tear a piece off, or in anyway damage the toy, be sure to remove the toy.  Thus far each of these toys is standing up to Honor's play.  She has destroyed several other toys quite quickly.  I actually have a squeaker she pulled out of one toy that I use to call her just like a clicker.

She LOVES these toys!  And she still has not damaged a one of them, even though she is playing with them daily.  I am really impressed with the quality of these toys from Hyper Pet.  They would make great gifts for your pets this holiday season.  Also, if you are considering adding a puppy to the family after the holidays, you could put together a basket of dog toys and such to announce that you will be adding a new family member.

So, consider giving Hyper Pet Toys as gifts to your favorite canine this season!


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