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How To Be A Good Neighbor & Make Great Friends

There's something truly awesome about being great friends with your neighbor. It's reminiscent of all those old-fashion sitcoms that we used to watch with the family, and it can really give your road a great atmosphere. A friendly smile, someone to accept your parcels when you're not home...these are all things that come with being neighbor friendly. Of course, living in close proximity to someone isn't always easy, so here are some tip and hints help you on your way to neighborly bliss.


This is the easiest thing you can possibly do with a new neighbor. Just being polite, smiling and saying hello can automatically break the ice and seen welcoming. It's amazing how far a simple smile can get you!

Keep dogs away

As much as you adore your pooch, not everyone is going to feel the same overwhelming feelings of love. The worst thing you can do to a neighbor is to leave a dog in the yard barking all day. Be respectful of the noise that is being produced and keep your pet inside and happy. If you do need to keep your pup outside for a day, be courteous and let your neighbors know there could be some noise. They'll definitely appreciate the gesture.

Keep outside tidy

Even if you haven't got the greenest fingers in the world, maintaining a clean and tidy outside area is good for everyone around you. Don't leave outside lights on at all hours and if you do have security lights installed, ensure they aren't directly pointing in any windows.

Offer recommendations

It's kind and neighborly to offer recommendations for things that work well in your area and around the house. If your neighbors are in the market for a home security system, they might ask, who is Simplisafe Security, and you'll be able to offer up your advice. Security is a big issue for every neighborhood so keep an eye out for each other and make sure you help keep each other safe.

Be honest

If an issue does happen to arise between you and your neighbor, the best thing you can do is talk things through like adults. You don't want to get into a situation where you're bad mouthing each other behind each others back and creating tension. If there's an issue, ask if you can grab a cup of tea and talk through the problem. You have got to live very near each other after all!

Keep the noise down

This is just common sense. Nobody wants to hear the inner workings of another household. Keep music levels low and don't shout too loudly if you know your neighbors can hear you. This tiny source of action can create an enormous amount of happiness and ongoing respect. Noise pollution can be terrible upsetting - imagine if it was happening to you and you had a newborn baby. Always treat your neighbor with generosity and your living situation should stay fantastic.


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