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House Hunting In The Fall: Is It A Good Idea?

We’re coming to the end of 2016, and this is the time where we traditionally relax a little more and prepare for Christmas. But, if you’re in the market for a new house in the near future, this might just be the best time for it. The fall offers some good opportunities to not only snag a bargain, but beat others to the dream house you want to buy.

So yes -- we say that house hunting in the fall is a good idea. And, just in case you don’t believe us, here are the reasons why.


There’s Less Competition

As we just mentioned, the fall is a time when people typically don’t go house hunting. That puts you at an advantage. There’s less competition during this time, and that means you’re less likely to be beaten to the punch. It allows you to tailor your search and give a little bit extra thought to the scenario before jumping in with an offer.

It’s A Good Time For Security

During the summer, it’s a perfect time for criminals to take advantage. People are often away from their homes in exotic locations, leaving perfect targets for thieves. And, the better weather makes it a more luxurious prospect for a would-be criminal to break in. You don’t want to have to deal with this worry right after a purchase, so this is another benefit of house hunting in the fall. Once you’ve made the transaction, you can spend the rest of the winter period securing your home.

You’ll Get More Attention

Typically, a lack of competition also means a lack of demand in general. Companies that deal with the sale of real estate are always busy, but this is a particularly good time to target them. Now that they haven’t got queues out the door, they can focus more heavily on their individual clients. And, less demand potentially means less interest in top-quality houses. So, companies like Mass Home Team that sell luxury properties are good to target at this time. Soon enough, it’ll be the summer, and those properties will go like hotcakes once more.

Prices Are Always Rising

This isn’t necessarily an argument that can be attributed primarily to the fall, but it’s still a worthwhile reason to mention. These days, house prices are continually rising. The longer you wait to make the jump from one house to another, the more it’s likely to cost you. So, if you’re sitting on your heels and you don’t know when to go for it, now is as good a time as any.

Negotiation Is Easier

If a seller is trying to sell their property in the fall, it’s often for one of two reasons. The first is that they’ve struggled during the summer. The second is that they’re looking for a quick sale. In both cases, you can benefit. The biggest similarity between the two is that the seller wants to get the sale completed quickly. This means you can spot a potential bargain, especially after negotiation. As long as you don’t insult them with your offer, you stand a chance of saving big.


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