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Gifts For the Coffee Lover-Contigo Travel Mugs! #HolidayGiftGuide

Can you believe it's already November? It seems as though this year has flown by, and we're already prepping for Thanksgiving and starting to search for that perfect gift for everyone on our lists! I like to shop throughout the year so the last couple months before Christmas aren't a hectic rush, but I always end up doing at least half of it between November 1st and December 24th. Okay, actually I usually have mine all done by December 1st, but there's always that gift you forgot, or someone you just can't find the right gift and it's not till the day before that you pick something out. Anyways, we're very excited about our annual Holiday Gift Guide here At The Fence this year. We have some super gift ideas lined up to share with everyone, and we're starting out with one very near and dear to my heart-a gift for coffee lovers!

Contigo is well-known as the go-to company for travel mugs, and there's a very simple reason for that: they have the best! My brother got a Contigo mug a couple years ago, and kept telling me how nice it was, perfect for bringing coffee on-the-go, no more spills in the car, etc. So, when Contigo sent us their AUTOSEAL West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug, I was very excited to try it out. Most of our family drinks coffee, but I have to admit that I drink the most - usually an average of three cups a day, sometimes more. And, of course, that often means I'm bringing a cup along in the car while running errands, on road trips...all those times you need your coffee fix. The West Loop is available in different sizes, so you can pretty much bring along as much or as little coffee you need. It's insulated, and works with both hot and cold drinks. We haven't gotten into the need for hot coffees yet, and I normally drink iced coffee anyways, so I love the fact that this will keep my coffee cold for up to 12 hours! Not that coffee lasts that long around me, but if I leave it in the car for an hour while shopping, I can come out and it's still cold, not melted and watered down.

The Contigo West Loop travel mug has become my constant companion since receiving it a few weeks ago. I honestly don't just use it for travel, it's so perfect for use at home too. I love being able to know it won't spill or leak, yet you can easily take a sip. No need to unscrew a cap or figure out some complicated system to get your drink, this has a button you simply push, and it allows you to take a sip. Release the button and the lid slides shut to keep your beverage fresh, cold (or hot), and inside the cup where it belongs. No worries about spilling a caramel latte on my MacBook while I'm working, electronics are safe around this mug! (And in case you're wondering, yes, I've made just about every coffee drink imaginable in this mug and love it. Doubleshots, lattes, mochas, plain old black name it, I've made it and enjoyed it in the West Loop travel mug).

I also love how easy the mug is to clean. Some travel mugs and lids are so hard to clean, you feel like they're not worth the effort and they end up collecting dust on the top shelf. The Contigo West Loop is easy to wash, and you can actually put the lid in the top rack of your dishwasher-although you can just as easily hand wash it. Of course, with a travel mug, one of the big questions is if it will stay in your car cupholder. We have three different vehicles with varying sizes of cupholders, and this fits nicely in each and every one. I have yet to have it fall out or tip over (although my coffee still wouldn't spill) no matter which car we're in or who's driving! (Just a joke, we're all pretty safe drivers...most of the time!)

So, if you have a coffee lover on your Christmas gift list this year, I suggest you check out Contigo's line of amazing travel mugs. Or, even if you have someone who enjoys taking another beverage along - tea, water, or juice - these mugs would be perfect for just about any drink, and Contigo also offers specialty travel water bottles!


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