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Finding The Perfect Home For You

What do you envisage your perfect home to be like? A huge kitchen to work your culinary skills perhaps, an expansive garden to grow those extra plants or how about a swimming pool in order to keep fit. Whatever you wish for is certainly possible in this new age. So why not take that extra look around and go the extra mile?

dream house.JPG

First of all, it’s important to look at the location. Is it in a suitable area for you and your family? Do you need activities for homeschooling?  Be sure to check for libraries, parks, and museums.  You also must look at yourselves. Is your perfect house in a commutable area for work? Plan your morning as it would be. This could include a trip to work. Record how long it takes you. Would it be makeable each day? Make sure you account for added traffic as well. During bank holiday weekends and school half terms, the queues will be much longer than on normal days. As well as this, you must also see if you are in the vicinity of local shops and other amenities. If they are too far away, you must seriously consider your stance on the house. Yes, the countryside may be great and a breath of fresh air initially but there might only be enough serenity you can take before wanting to move back into big city life. I personally love the countryside!

Whether you’re renting or a Real Estate Home Buyer, you have to calculate whether or not the size of your potential new house is a perfect fit for you or not. You may relish your big, grand house for the first few weeks, but soon it could end up being a waste of space and far too much work for you to handle each day. You might not relate to the house as much as you did when you were in that cosy 2 bed dorm. Alternatively, if you put your life savings into a small house, you may soon start to regret that too. You may wish to start a family and as soon as that happens, how can you fit 4, 5 or even 6 people into such a tight space? How long will it be until you start looking at bigger places to live in?  Consider all the variables.

Beware of those novelty items. Yes, a pool table or a jacuzzi may be initial dream purchases but there’s no doubt that soon you’ll start to tire of these items and end up leaving them to rot. Your wife always said it was a silly, impulse purchase and she got it bang on the money.

When looking into your perfect house, be ambitious but try to be cautious too. This is the house that you want to live in for the foreseeable future and you need it to be just right for you and your young family.


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