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BALMSHOT Lip Balms #2016HolidayGiftGuide

Hey neighbors!

My daughters love this product that I am about to share with you.  They like the design and of course the lip balm too!  BALMSHOT is lip balm in a case that looks like a shotgun shell!  Loaded with Lip Balm.... Not Buckshot!  Since every member of my family enjoys going to the gun range when we can, these make perfect stocking stuffers or holiday gifts for each of them.  Now, although they have a couple that are a pretty pink, BALMSHOT also has neutral colors, which means men can carry them too!

At first glance, you might even mistake them for a shotgun shell.  The base is made of metal and is stamped 30 GA Made in USA.  The main portion of the shell is plastic that has a tight fitting cap to keep your balm fresh and clean and to prevent leakage.  I received two in pink.  One plain ink, and one camo pink.  They are both Vanilla Mint flavored and are a moisturizing lip balm with an SPF of 15.  A portion of the purchases of either one of the pink Lip Balms will help provide breast cancer screening and mammograms.

I also received two of the yellow color BALMSHOT, and these two are a beeswax lip balm, that also have an SPF of 15.  Both have natural oils and vitamin E.  One is the Original Classic, and the other is a Cool Mint.  There is also a Pomegranate BALMSHOT.

Wayne S. Forrey, the company's founder and product inventor, contracted lip cancer in 1983 due to his outdoor lifestyle and frequent sunburned lips. After successful lip reconstruction surgery, he began using lip balm everyday to protect and moisturize his lips. Wayne became dissatisfied with industry standard lip balm dispensers because the knurled disk base would twist and rotate in his pants pockets...thereby mashing the balm into the cap...making a gooey mess. Many people told Wayne they experienced the exact same gooey mess. To solve this problem, Wayne went to his garage and invented a much better lip balm dispenser system including a firmer twist base and tighter fitting cap. BALMSHOT was the result of this innovative effort, and a new Idaho company was born in 2010.

I am presently using the Camo Pink, with the Vanilla Mint, and love it.  Over winter my lips really dry out and crack and peel.  Using my BALMSHOT is helping prevent that.  Now I have double barrel protection against chapped lips!

Included with my BALMSHOT was a MINTYSHOT.  This is a cooling breath spray, that also comes in a shotgun shell shaped dispenser.  Made os the same quality materials of the BALMSHOT, this breath spray can be carried around in a pocket or purse ready to shoot bad breath.

So if you are looking for a small gift to add to a gift basket or stocking stuffer, consider BALMSHOT Lip Balms and Breath Spray.

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Great news here!  One neighbor is going to receive a package of 4 of the BALMSHOT Lip Balms!  Hurry up and enter and be sure to share!  Thanks for stopping by today!

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Christy DuBois said…
I constantly wear lip balm and am in search of the next best balm. I'd love to try this one.
Christy DuBois said…
I shared on Facebook about this giveaway. Link:
andrea v said…
I wear lip balm daily. I would love to try this. Both of my kids take one with them to school.
LeAnn Harbert said…
I want to give this to my granddaughters.

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