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Working It Out: Poetry Analysis from Everyday Education, LLC

Beautiful Handwriting, Literature and Poetry {Everyday Education, LLC}

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Recently we were given the opportunity to review a course from Everyday Education, LLC.  It is Working It Out: Poetry Analysis with George Herbert, written by Joseph L. Womack.  I received the digital version, which we downloaded to the computer for use.  We like digital courses, because we can just grab the computer or iPad and go.

Beautiful Handwriting, Literature and Poetry {Everyday Education, LLC}

The Poetry Analysis course was originally written as a devotional, but is perfect for helping your student to gain a greater grasp of poetry.  The title Working It Out is based on Philippians 2:12 about working out your salvation.

After a very informative introduction about George Herbert and his works your student will move on to the next step.  Each chapter, or section, quotes a poem or portion of a poem for the student to reflect on.  The book then discusses the verse or verses covered explaining what the author is trying to convey.  There are three parts to this portion, they are: The Big Picture, which explains what the poem is saying.  The Parts of the Picture, which explains more stanza by stanza, and The Parts of the Picture Come Together, which is more an explanation of the thoughts of the poem.  Next is Reflections, where there are  questions for review and further study.  Last of all is a list of Scriptures that correlate with the poetry for further contemplation.

The different sections of the book cover things like: Looking Back, Moving Forward, Letting Go, Confession, Grace, Separation, etc. just to name a few.  Each of these subjects will be studied using the poetry, discussion, questions and other Scriptures.  As a parent/teacher, you can further enhance the learning experience, by having your student copy the poem or portion of the poem.  They could also design a page on the computer with the poem which could be printed off and framed.  Allow them to write out their understanding of the message of the verse.

This is definitely designed for the high school student.  Even I felt in a little over my head on the poetry.  Here is an example stanza:

When first thy sweet and gracious eye 
Vouchsafed even in the midst of youth and night 
To look upon me, who before did lie
Weltering in sin;

Now, I will say poetry is not my personal forte.  My daughter enjoys poetry, but she prefers lighter subjects.  Although that is our personal take on poetry, I still believe the book itself is useful for understanding more about poetry of that time period.  Herbert was born on April 3rd, 1593 and died shortly before his fortieth birthday in 1633.  So do realize that this is the time period of these poems.  Also, I found a  more Catholic slant to the poetry then I thought would be there, as I found out he was an Anglican priest.  Supplies keep this in mind when considering the Working It Out Poetry Analysis.

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Beautiful Handwriting, Literature and Poetry {Everyday Education, LLC}

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