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Traveling With The Kids To India: Everything Parents Need To Know

When deciding where to go on holiday with the kids, India is not somewhere that might instantly spring to mind. However, the vibrant and colorful country should be on your radar. There is so much to see and do for families that will make it a fantastic trip that they will never forget. However, before you do travel to India, here are some things parents need to know to ensure their family has a good and safe trip.

Avoid buses with the kids

If you thought the public transport was crowded where you live, wait until you see India’s buses! They are often overcrowded which can make for an uncomfortable form of transport with the kids. As well as this, they don’t tend to have any air conditioning, so they will soon get hot and bothered. Therefore, when you visit India with your family, you should consider hiring a car or using a taxi to get around. It will ensure you are all comfortable and can safely get to new areas. And as this feature explains, it means you can use the kid’s car seat so they can stay safe while traveling around! And don’t be afraid to use the trains; a lot of the time kids will travel free so it won’t cost a fortune! And you can often get meals included which is good if your child gets hungry on the way.

Research the area before you go

One thing parents must do if they are going to travel with the kids to India is they must research before they go. That way, they are clued up on the area before they reach the country. It will ensure they don’t end up visiting somewhere that is not going to be interesting for kids. You want somewhere which is going to be kid-friendly; the North of the country is excellent as it has warm weather and food which is ideal for families. Areas like Delhi have many events and activities for children that they will love, including a massive playground. Therefore, make sure you read up about things to do in the area on review sites before you book your India travel to ensure your family has a great trip.

You need to be careful about food

The food often draws travelers to India. After all, Indian food is known for being one of the spiciest and delicious cuisines on the planet. However, it can cause worries for parents when buying food for your family while on holiday. You don’t want your kids to eat something which is going to cause tummy trouble when you are back in your hotel! Therefore, always be careful when buying any food from street vendors. Stick to English-speaking ones, so you can ask them first about how hot it is for kids. And always stick to items on the markets such as fresh pineapples and bananas which you know your children will love. You can also research online before you go about kid-friendly restaurants in the area.

Remember to look into different festivals that are happening around the time you are traveling with the kids. It will broaden their cultural knowledge. For example, they will love events like Diwali, the festival of light, which occurs in October every year!

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