Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Benefits of Using a Pet Resort

It is not easy to leave your pet home alone when you have to spend the day running errands or working. It is even harder to leave them alone when you are going on vacation. You can always ask a friend to check on your pet, but a visit is not always enough for your furry friend. The best choice is to look into a reliable doggie day care in Michigan. The following benefits of using a pet resort can help you make the best decision for your four-legged friend.

The Staff Is Trained: You are not dropping your beloved pet off with just anyone at the pet resort. Your pet is under the care with trained professionals who are ready to give your pet plenty of attention. The staff is also trained to take care of pets who need additional care, such as extra feedings, extra potty breaks and owner-provided medications.

Constant Supervision: You do not have to worry about your pet feeling lonely or frightened during their stay. Your pet is under constant supervision to ensure he is receiving the care he deserves. There are even pet resorts that feature cameras so they can keep an eye on your pet around the clock. The resort may even offer a web camera that allows you to check on your pet while you are away.

Your Pet Is Always Comfortable: There are plenty of pet resorts that feature cushioned play areas, soothing music and a climate-controlled environment. There are even outdoor potty areas with soft grass. When your pet is ready to rest, he can stretch out on an orthopedic pet cot.

They Stick To A Routine: Whether your pet is staying for several hours or days, the staff does their best to keep him on a regular routine. The routine usually morning and afternoon play, meals, potty breaks and naps throughout the day. You can also request the staff to administer the medications you provide during their stay.

There Is Plenty Of Space: Your dog will have plenty of space to run around and play during their stay at a pet resort. You can usually find exercise pens and play equipment inside and outside the facility. The exterior usually features soft K9 grass for playtime and potty breaks.

You May Find Extra Features: There are plenty of pet resorts that offer extra features to their four-legged guests. The pet resort you choose may offer a grooming and spa salon, boutique and hospital.

Leaving your four-legged friend at a pet resort is a great alternative to leaving them home alone. Your furry friend will receive meals, potty breaks and plenty of love during their stay.

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