Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Say Hello To Frost! Fun Things You Can Do With Your Family During Winter Weekends!

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next month, but winter is truly on its way! And although the season has some benefits, it can be a struggle to keep the kids entertained during the weekends. After all, they can’t play in the garden when the grass is covered in frost. And it’s hard to go for days out when the roads are covered in snow. But there is plenty your family can do without leaving the front door. Here are some fun things you can do with your family during winter weekends!

Get cooking some winter treats

Cooking is not only fun, but it’s educational for your kids. They get to learn valid skills that they can use at school and in later life. Therefore, for something fun you can do during winter weekends, you should get cooking with the kids. You should look online for some delicious winter treats you can make. You could make a pumpkin loaf which will be fitting for the season. Or a scrumptious soup full of delicious winter vegetables would be an excellent choice. Here are some other great comfort foods you can make with the kids this winter.

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Watch some movies

To keep the kids entertained, you should stick on some great movies during winter weekends. You can find some old classic DVDs which you can put on for them to enjoy. Make them a few snacks and bring down some blankets to keep them warm. If you have no good films at home, you could stream some movies online on platforms such as Netflix. There will be so much choice that there is bound to be something the kids will love. If you are streaming a film, make sure you have great internet to ensure the film runs smoothly. Otherwise, it will keep freezing halfway through the movie. If you do have slow internet, winter is the best time to get it updated. After all, you are going to spend the next few months in front of the TV! You can check online for the best internet in your area such as verizon internet availability. Therefore, you can watch several movies without any trouble!

Make some early Christmas cards

It’s never too early to start making Christmas cards. After all, if you are anything like my family, you will have a million to write before December arrives. Therefore, get out some card and let the kids get creative with some glitter glue. You can also get some fun stickers and coloring pencils so they can make the cards unique. You can then use these as cards for your child’s classmates at school! It saves you spending a fortune on cards from the shop.

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Play an old fashioned board game

As much as kids can play on a computer game during the winter months, it’s not great for bonding as a family. Therefore, you can have some fun as a family with an old fashioned board game. As it says in this feature, let each child choose one game they want to play. That way, you will have variety during the weekend; Risk and Battleship always go down well with our family!

Remember to keep your home nice and toasty during winter!