Friday, October 14, 2016

Our New Dog Shed

Hey neighbors!

We have been so busy the last month or so.  My daughter Modesty and I have been building a shed that we turned into a dog run area.  I purchased the kit from Lowes, they delivered it and we went to work.

A friend played the foundation for us.  Then Modesty (19), and I Started putting it all together.  And yes, we did it all!  My husband came out and assisted with holding the rafters in place and with placing the roof boards on, but Modesty and I did all the framing, nailing, placing screws, raising walls, etc.  We still have to shingle the roof, and are painting the shed, but overall we have finished the hard part.  We cut holes in the walls so the dogs can go in and out.  The inside is divided into 4 kennels, with a center walk thru.  We attached doors to hinges, so we can close the dog doors to keep them either in or out and to protect from rain and/or snow.  We put up the fencing for the kennels too.  We have an extension cord through the wall, to run the fan we have hung from the ceiling to circulate air.  We have heated bowls that will be plugged in for the winter.

I am so excited we have accomplished this much.  We are painting, and will be doing the roof soon.  We already have an electric outlet and a water supply right beside the shed.  We are all set up!  Or we will be when we finish.  I am so happy with how it looks.  I have included a few pics for you all to see!  I'll share some more when we are completely done.

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Barbara Montag said...

Oh wow you did such a fantastic job!