Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#HolidayGiftGuide Coming Soon

Hey neighbors!

At the  Fence is preparing for our Holiday Gift Guide.  We are presently looking for and reaching out to companies and individuals who would like to participate.  If you represent a business, own a business, or have a home based business we are looking to work with you.  Whether it is a large product, stocking stuffer, or even a service, we are more than happy to work with you.  The only unbendable requirement is, it must be family friendly.

We have several options for participation.  We do product reviews.  In this case you send us a product, we try it out and write a review.  We will take pictures/video and write up a review about the product with links to your site and social media.  We will share the review on our social media as well.

The second option is a giveaway, which can be combined with the first option.  Here we would do a write up regarding your product and host a giveaway for the specified product.  This includes shares on our social media.  When the giveaway ends we will send you the winner's information so you can send them their product.

The last option is a paid post.  We will write a post based on your site and the information you send us.  We will need quality photos to include and of course will include links to your site as well as share this on our social media.  We charge from $35-$75 for the post depending on what your requirements are.

If you are interested in being included in our Holiday Gift Guide with one of the above options, please contact us.  If you have another idea, we are more than happy to consider your idea/s.

Thank you!  We are looking forward to a super Holiday Gift Guide this year.

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