Monday, September 19, 2016

You Love Your Four Legged Friend, But Does Your Community Share Your Feelings?

Dogs are amazing. Loving and loyal they are a wonderful gift to receive into any family. However, problems can arise when your neighborhood and community don't share your feelings about your four-legged friends. Luckily there are some simple things that you can consider to make sure those around your love you dog just as much as you do.



The first thing that is bound to get on your neighbor's nerves is if they encounter dog waste on the sidewalk. Luckily most responsible owners take a bag to clear away any waste as it happens.

Unfortunately, some people are either too lazy to remember to take their own bags, or they just plain forget! That is when it’s time to consider a solution like the pet waste station delivery and installation. These type of things are nifty gadgets that combine poop bag dispensers with bins for the used bags to go into. People often prefer these because they don't have to carry the used bag around with them for the rest of the walk.

These sorts of stations can be installed anywhere that  people walk their dogs, like an apartment parking lot or on a beach or even just a normal street. Having and using a product like these will ensure that your canine buddy is not a cause for concern in the community.

Interaction with people

Another issue between dog owners and the wider community can be if your pup has trouble interacting with people in a calm way. Depending on the size and breed of your dog, they can appear intimidating to strangers, even if you know that they are soft as butter. Something that you can do to assist in situation like this is to make sure that they have attended puppy school and are very well trained.

If you are confident in the behavior of your dog, and their ability to respond to their commands, then others will see that you have them under control. This signals that they pose no threat.


Something non-dog owners are often really concerned about if the noise that our four-legged friends can make. Especially when we are not there. No one wants to be woken up in the night by a howling dog!


Luckily dogs are clever and can be taught all sorts of things. One of these things includes using a specific plan to get them used to be on their own, without it causing them distress. Go here for some more information.

Interaction with other animals

Another point of contention with the neighborhood can be your pet's interaction with other animals. This includes other dogs and pets like cats and rabbits.

The problems often stem from the fact that the dog is a pack animal and a natural hunter. That means if they see a rabbit or cat dart off their instincts to chase them can become overwhelming. That is why it's essential to try and keep them away from situations in which they will be triggered.

The same goes if they see another dog. They will want to smell them and run with them and get a sense of who they are and where they fit into the pack.

The best way of dealing with this behavior is to let other animal owners know if your dog is particularly nervous of other dogs. You can get jackets and leads to help them signal this.

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