Monday, September 12, 2016

Staging Your Home for an Open House

Hey neighbors!

So, you decided to sell your home and you have chosen a real estate agent, what next?  Often times your agent will recommend an open house to allow more people to view your home.  After choosing the day or weekend, take a moment to walk through your home and see what your prospective buyers will see.  Be sure to start outside, as this is actually where the first impression will occur.

Make sure you have your lawn looking neat and mowed.  Weed flower beds if you have any.  Pick up toys, bikes, tools, and anything else that might be laying out around the yard or driveway.  If you have pets make sure you have cleaned up after them, such as scooping the yard, changing the litter box and spraying a little room freshener.

Your entryway is next.  Have everyone put their shoes away and hang up all coats and jackets.  Sweep, and/or mop the floor, and make sure the entryway is bright and welcoming.

Throughout the rest of the home, although it does not have to look like a showplace, especially if you are still living there, make sure it looks neat.  Allow space to walk through rooms and hallways.  You might even want to send the children to grandma's or a friends home to play.

If you have time clean the windows.  This is one area, that they will notice if they want to look out into the yard or neighbor's yard.  Also remove clutter off countertops.  If you have any minor repairs you can do on your own.  Replacing doorknobs, touching up paint on walls, fixing leaky faucets, etc.

One other place to pay close attention to is the bathroom.  Make sure the toilet has been cleaned, inside and out.  Wipe down counters and tubs/shower.  Sweep and mop the floors, and last of all spray a room freshener here too.  You can check out this website for some other great ideas and information, HERE.

No matter what you can or can't accomplish, be sure to greet prospective buyers with a smile.  Thanks for stopping by today!  See you soon.

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