Friday, September 2, 2016

Please Be Safe Traveling This Weekend

Hey neighbors!

According to statistics Labor Day can be one of the worst as far as hazardous travel.  My guess is, it is the last hurrah before school, fall and other things take over!  Also, the long weekend allows people to travel a little more.  Everyone wants to get in their last summer picnic or cookout, their last trip to visit friends and family or they simply want to enjoy one more long weekend.  Many do it right at home, but others want to travel a bit.

So, if you are one of those traveling anywhere this weekend take a few extra precautions.  Give yourself a little extra travel time due to traffic.  Drive a little slower and stay alert.  Avoid high traffic cities if possible.  And of course stay away from the alcohol.  Drunk drivers cause many of the accidents.  Have fun on your trip, but keep it safe.

Do you have travel plans for the weekend?  Take a moment to check out the information HERE.  I personally was amazed that accidents on Labor Day are as high as Christmas and New Years.

So if you do travel this holiday weekend, stay safe and enjoy!  See you back here soon!

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