Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Nursing Homes: Could Your Relatives Be At Risk?

Moving a relative into a nursing home is a difficult decision for any family. Sometimes senior citizens develop problems which mean they need daily care to improve their quality of life. As mobility and mental functions deteriorate, moving to a nursing home is the best choice for some struggling seniors.

There are plenty of nursing homes up and down the country which take excellent care of elderly patients. Residents are treated with compassion and given all the medical support they need. However, according to news reports, this is not always the case.

It was recently reported that a healthcare firm in Tennessee was failing to give patients proper care in their nursing homes. A federal lawsuit was filed against them for providing “non-existent” care. Patients were often left in pain and given the wrong doses of medication. There was also a startling shortage of staff and medical supplies.

These incidents didn’t just occur in one facility, but in six nursing homes across the state of Tennessee. It’s shocking to think of the amount of residents that were affected.

It isn’t the only case of its sort, either. There are news reports up and down the country of nursing homes failing to provide the right care for elderly patients. Just last Thursday it was reported that four nursing aides at a home in Oswego, N.Y. were fired for abusing patients. It turned out the nursing home hadn’t even done background checks on their employees before hiring them.

Could Your Loved One Be A Victim?

Reports of these nursing homes are deeply upsetting. Many concerns come with old age. Being in an unsafe environment should not be one of them.

If you have an elderly relative in a nursing home, be sure to talk to them. Some may feel they aren’t getting the care they need, but too afraid to speak up in fear of burdening their family. Let them know that if they aren’t happy where they are, you can put them in a better situation.

Nursing home abuse is an epidemic that many lawyers can deal with. If you or a loved one has a case, be sure to contact a firm experienced in nursing home abuse cases, such as the law offices of Tony Seaton, PLLC.

Types of abuse experienced in nursing homes can be physical, sexual, emotional or medical. These kinds of cases will be taken very seriously by courts. Taking the matter to court can help you get the compensation to get the affected party in a better living situation.

Finding Alternatives

If you need to check your loved one into a new nursing home, be sure to do your research. There are online nursing home rankings to find a reputable facility. Always go and check the facilities out for yourself before making any rash decisions. It’s a choice you need to take care with.

There are other alternatives to nursing homes. Some families bring their elderly relatives into their own homes to look after them themselves. Another option is to let them stay in their own home, but get them in-home care. The best solution largely depends on the type of support they need.

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