Sunday, September 11, 2016

Losing a Pet: Learning To Cope In This Difficult Time


Our pets are never ‘just animals’; they are so much more and truly are part of the family. And so when your best friend passes away, it can be a truly devastating experience. Don’t ever feel as though you have to apologise or explain to people that just don’t get it. The grief experienced from losing a pet is just as real as the grief felt from any other kind of loss. If you’re currently dealing with this, here are some things to bear in mind.

Don’t Let Anyone Dictate When Is The Right Or Wrong Time To Get a New Pet
Getting another pet after your loss is an entirely personal choice. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ time. Some people find that getting another pet early on helps to fill a void in their lives. It gives them something to love, and provides a welcome distraction from the grief of their loss. Others might not want to get another pet until quite some time later, if at all. Either way is fine; it’s your decision so don't let anyone else make you feel bad about it. Getting a new pet doesn’t mean you loved the one who passed away any less. But you shouldn’t feel rushed either, or let people make you feel like you ‘should’ have moved on and been ready for a new pet after a certain amount of time. Do whatever feels right for you and your situation.

Keep Your Pet’s Memories Close
After your beloved pet passes away, it can be helpful to move their things away to stop them being constant and painful reminders. Seeing your pet’s bed and bowls in the same place when they’re no longer around can be upsetting and hinder your healing process. Instead find other ways to keep their memory close. You could create a scrapbook or album of their photos to look through when you want to remember them. You could keep their collar or tag in a memory box, or find a company that creates pets memorial diamonds from ashes. This is a good way to be able to keep them close and in your memory.

Speak To Friends and Family About How You Feel
Talking things through with an understanding friend can do you the world of good. Let out your feelings rather than bottling everything up. Rely on your support system during this difficult time; others can help you to heal and offer a shoulder to cry on. After the death of a pet, you are likely to experience a range of emotions: sadness, guilt, anger. These are all completely normal, understand that it will take time for these to subside. Eventually, you will start to move on, but you can’t rush the process. So lean on your friends and loved ones if you need to.

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