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Home Safety: Are You Offering Burglars An Open Invitation Without Realizing?

For many of us, even the idea of somebody breaking into our home is a complete nightmare. The trouble is that there are people out there who take advantage of lax security and help themselves. Sometimes, you can’t prevent thieves from targeting your home. But there are things you can do to try and make your home into a more robust fortress. Here are some tips to make your home safer.

Install a burglar alarm
A burglar alarm will alert you when somebody is trying to break in, but it’s also an effective deterrent. If a thief spots an alarm, they will be less likely to target your home. Another property, which doesn’t have an alarm, may be a much more appealing prospect.

Invest in security lighting and CCTV
Security lighting is designed to illuminate the exterior of your home when movement is detected. If a burglar is approaching, the lights will come on. This doesn’t just make it easier for you to spot intruders. It also makes it a lot more difficult for them to get away with it. Even if you’re not home, the lights may attract attention from neighbors or passers by.

Change your locks
It’s always a good idea to change your locks if you’ve moved house or misplaced your keys. It’s also advisable to get a new lock fitted if you’ve been burgled before. Limit the number of keys you have cut, and make sure you leave them in a safe place. Carry them on your person, or take them up to bed with you. Never leave keys in view of windows or by the front door. If you search online, you’ll be able to search for local firms. You can also find out the answers to questions like ‘how much does a locksmith cost?

Lock all doors and windows
If you’re going out or heading to bed, always ensure all the windows and doors are locked. Open doors and windows are a gift for opportunistic thieves.

Join the neighborhood watch
Does your community have a neighborhood watch scheme? If so, consider signing up. Your neighbors can keep an eye out for suspicious activity and watch over your home. This is particularly beneficial if you work away a lot.

Make plans for vacations
Are you going on vacation? If so, make plans before you go. Cancel any deliveries while you’re away, and ask a neighbor to collect your mail. Leave a car parked in the drive or ask a friend to park at your house now and again. Try and make sure that it doesn’t look like you’re not at home. You could leave a light on, for example.

We all want to feel safe in our homes. If you’re looking for ways to make your house more secure, work your way through this list. Join forces with your neighbors, and make the most of security equipment, such as CCTV and burglar alarms. Never leave windows open and always lock doors when you go out. If you’re going on vacation, enlist the help of friends and family and cancel papers and milk deliveries.


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