Thursday, September 15, 2016

Have You Tried Groupon for Coupons?

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Hey neighbors!

You know that we love to share all kinds of information with you.  Well, I have spent some time learning more about Groupon!  Maybe you already use Groupon to find great deals and Groupon Coupons, but I have never really tried it.  My daughters get their Starbucks deals there quite regular, but as I said I have not had much experience with it.

Restaurant Coupons

So, here is what I found!  Not only does Groupon have coupons and discounts for restaurants and travel, but they have coupons on spa treatments, electronics, groceries, pet products (Petsmart), fashion, entertainment, etc.  I am amazed at the variety you can find there.  You can search the site using category, store name, brand, you can even search locally.  They have coupons for Kohl's.  My entire family likes to shop there and they had 11 verified coupons!

Dog Toys(Coupons)

Now, I am going to be using Groupon much more.  We used to coupon a lot for just about everything, but in the small town we live in now they don't even do coupons in the Sunday paper.  Before I shop now, I will have to go on and search Groupon first.

Bowling Deals

For those of my neighbors who already use Groupon, please leave a comment and tell us what you use Groupon for.  Or maybe you can share the best deal you ever found.  For my neighbors who have never tried Groupon, be sure to slip over and check out Groupon.  They just might have a coupon for the item you have been wanting to buy.  Thanks for stopping in!  See you soon!

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