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Funky Fun Gifts To Put Joy Into The Holidays

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As the holiday season starts creeping up on us again, it’s time to start thinking about making a Christmas gift list. Funnily enough, something that is intended to spark so much joy can also sometimes bring a lot of stress! So instead of focusing on the big gifts you might be buying this year (which are usually much more tailored to the person) we’re going to take a look at some of the affordable fun and gifts that will put spirit into the holidays.

Secret Sisters And Stocking Fillers

These types of gifts should be silly, fun and cute. For the kids, you can include brightly colored stationary that they can use for school and cute post-it notes and paper clips to keep them organized. For girls add in some pretty hair bands, hair ties, and lip balm. And for boys, you can go for shoe polish, hair gel and phone credit. For tasty treats don’t forget those all-important classic Christmas gold chocolate coins! Secret Sisters is always a tricky one as you’re never sure who you’re going to get or how well you know them. Christmas themed socks are always a fun gift. As are cute slippers or hand soaps. If you really want to get into the holiday spirit why not go for fun Christmas ornaments that they can hang on their tree when they get home? You can get everything from snowboarding Penguins to hockey playing snowmen. It’s a silly gift but one that can help decorate the Christmas tree!

Grandpa And Grandma

What to buy the grandparents? They will probably just appreciate your company and want nothing more than kisses, cuddles, and a great Christmas dinner. But if you want to buy something, why not go for gifts that are fun and funky that will bring some laughter? We love the idea of buying grandpa or grandma a mini back scratcher. It’s silly but useful and perfect for those hard to reach itches! Hand soaps, jellies, sweeties and handkerchiefs always go down with grandparents too. If you want, you can also get your kids to create some homemade gifts such as a spectacle case, a pin cushion, a tissue holder or a mobile phone fabric case. Handmade gifts are thoughtful and always cherished by grandparents.          


I always think dads are more difficult to buy for than moms. Short of splashing out on swish new golf clubs, or pilot lessons, most of their gifts are costly manly things! So why not go silly and make them laugh this holiday season instead? Men like to be boys at Christmas so you could choose some boys toys that will provide hours of fun. One of the best gadgets for this Christmas is the mini drone which will keep him occupied for most of the afternoon. The kids could get him a Rubik’s Cube or a travel set compendium of games such as chess, backgammon, and draughts. For all the family why not go for Scrabble or a new twister board so that everyone can join in the games! Grandparents are optional on this one depending on their flexibility!


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