Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fall Finds Event Starting Soon

Hy neighbors!

We are planning an event for the next month or so!  We are so excited, because we really have been slow the last few months due to travel, illness and just plain living.  My sons have moved into their own home, several of us have had that cold that hangs on forever and we had company here for two weeks.  We had to find a home for Tip because my daughter's Sheltie hated him, and we added a German Shepherd puppy.  We also changed several bedrooms, because we had a free bedroom after the boys moved out.  So, we want to get up and get busy again with At the Fence!


We are going to feature those products that get you thinking about cooler weather, walks outside, hot tea or coffee, curling up with a good book, watching the leaves change color, and whatever might take place in your neck of the woods during fall.  I personally am so ready for fall to arrive!

So, to start this off, I am going to offer a giveaway with 3 essential oils.  We have Lemon, Grapefruit and Lime.  They are from Melaleuca.  So who is interested in some fresh new scents for fall.  They smell great in a diffuser!

So, the entries for this one are of course going to be to share as much and as often as you can!  Let's go!

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Anonymous said...

In the fall I love to get out and plant fall plants and just sit on the back porch with my husband and enjoy the cooler weather!

Charlene S. said...

I enjoy playing football and watching football games with my son.

andrea v said...

I enjoy going to our local apple orchards. I like being able to open windows and have the fresh air coming in. I also like going for walks.

Haydensmommy05 said...

My favorite is going to the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard! Trisha Burgess