Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Trip to Southern Indiana

Hey neighbors!

I know we have been missing for a few days, but we took a trip to southern Indiana. We had a great time at a campground that was far enough out that there was no internet and no phone service.  You had to drive approximately half an hour to get pickup.  It was so peaceful.

We had a nice time taking photos around the camp and I am going to share a few here.  We did of course go into town a few times to eat and my sons of course ran to Louisville KY to shop.

For Mother's Day they took me to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  I was given several very nice gifts!  We headed back home with a couple of stops in St. Louis, MO.  We went shopping at Kohl's, Half Price Books and of course we grabbed dinner before going home.

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Unknown said...

You took some very beautiful photos.