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Fun Things All Families Should Do Together This Summer

What could be better than spending the summer months doing fun stuff with the people who mean the most to you? If you want a few ideas, this post can help you. Here are some fun things all families should do together this summer: Go Swimming/To A Water Park Swimming is a great activity for families, and parents get the chance to teach kids some valuable skills. Swimming well can literally save lives! Once you can all swim to a certain degree, going to a water park can be a great idea. Indoor water parks mean it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside! Gardening Gardening is a great activity for kids of all ages. It teaches them valuable skills, and better yet, gets them outside away from the computer and other screens. They could have their own patch of garden and grow whatever they like. It’s good for their immune systems, and you never know, they could pick up a hobby for life! Picnics What is summer without a nice picnic or two? You could have a picnic in

The League and The Lantern Review and #Giveaway

Hey neighbors! The League and the Lantern is the first in a new series of books written by a concerned father.  He was concerned over having quality entertainment for his children.  Knowing what is out there, I can understand his decision to write a series himself.  Author, Brian Wells is that father. His book, titled The League and the Lantern takes place in Chicago.  My family found this sort of interesting, as we visit Chicago 4-5 times a year.  In the book, Jake Herndon and two friends, Lucy and TJ attempt to solve a mystery dating back to the Civil War.  The book is written to attract children to reading, while at the same time teach lessons regarding character.  My daughter read the new book on a recent trip we took.  She is 15 and enjoyed the story, although she did bring a couple of things to my attention.  We are extremely careful about what is in the books we read and one thing she brought up is a slang term for messed up.  She also said that to her it appeared to be

A Trip to Southern Indiana

Hey neighbors! I know we have been missing for a few days, but we took a trip to southern Indiana. We had a great time at a campground that was far enough out that there was no internet and no phone service.  You had to drive approximately half an hour to get pickup.  It was so peaceful. We had a nice time taking photos around the camp and I am going to share a few here.  We did of course go into town a few times to eat and my sons of course ran to Louisville KY to shop. For Mother's Day they took me to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  I was given several very nice gifts!  We headed back home with a couple of stops in St. Louis, MO.  We went shopping at Kohl's, Half Price Books and of course we grabbed dinner before going home.

Extend Your Home Outdoors This Summer

[ Image Source ] One of the many great things about summer is that you can spend more time outdoors. The warm weather allows us to sit, eat, work, and relax in the fresh air. Why not take this one step further and extend your home into the garden? Outdoor rooms are becoming more popular and there are many innovative ways you can make this happen. 1. Clear Some Space The first step, of course, is to clear some space. This may involve sprucing up your garden and carrying out a bit of landscaping . Start by removing rubbish and other debris. Sweep and clean paved areas, removing any weeds. Jet washers are great for deep cleaning these areas. [ Image Source ] There’s no point in having an outdoor room if the garden is messy. Mow any lawned areas and prune plants and bushes. Weed all flower beds. If garden fences need mending or painting, then tend to this. Make sure they are adequately protected. Clear some space for your outdoor room. 2. Light and Shade No matte