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Stopmotion Explosion Review

Stopmotion Explosion Review

Hey neighbors!

I had the opportunity to review a really neat book called Stopmotion Explosion: Animate Anything and Make Movies by Stopmotion Explosion.  This book is perfect for the homeschooling family with a computer whiz or if you have a student interested in making animated movies.  I actually thought my daughter would enjoy this as she loves doing movies of family members and silly movies, but I found out she does not care to do animation.

Stopmotion Explosion Review

That being said, I still went ahead and read through the book myself.  The beginning of the book gives a short history of animation.  Then you actually begin to learn more about creating your own project.  It starts with different objects you can use to animate, like silly putty, and other ways to build your own characters.

Once you have some characters to work with, you need to create a storyline of sorts.  To begin with, you might just do some random short stories, but as you gain more experience, you will make it to the point that you can create longer animated movies.  In this chapter you will learn how to write your script, from simple to technical terms.  There is also a list of screenwriting software you can use.

Next you enter the chapter that I personally found really interesting.  Chapter four is about building your sets.  I actually enjoy this type of design.  There are so many ways and different materials that can be used for designing your sets.  Crumpled green paper, or paper spray painted green can become bushes or the tops of trees.  You can use painted boxes for buildings, wire can be used as electric or telephone wires or vines...  You can also use building blocks or Lego type blocks.  You can get so creative here!

You will also find a chapter on cameras and lighting.  You will be able to do some research here and get all set up.  All of this is before you actually learn how to animate your movie.

This is a photo box I have at home that is great to use with creating animated videos.
Once you have covered all of these chapters you will be ready to learn how to animate your figures.  Here you begin to learn basic animation through Stopmotion Explosion Animator and FrameByFrame.  This chapter is where you will learn the technical part of creating your animated movie.  There are also chapters on flight, war, and adding sound and sound effects.  Of course there is an entire chapter on editing your movie.  You will learn to rearrange clips, trimming and splitting, transitions, and how to share your finished product.

The final chapter deals with improving your skills.  Here they encourage you to improve your sets, characters, and your equipment.

As I said, my daughter really was not interested, because she prefers doing videos of live people.  I do highly recommend the book though for homeschooling families or anyone with a child who likes working with video and computers.  It is a bit technical at times and occasionally was above my skill level, but I believe it explains what needs done quite clearly.

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Stopmotion Explosion Review

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