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Perfect Hair with Number 4 Hair Care Products! #Review #NoBadHairDays

Getting the perfect hair can be a difficult task...something most women would agree on, I'm sure! Overall my hair is actually pretty easy to manage, but then again, the majority of the time I'm going casual in a ponytail or braid-one of the perks of working from home. For church or special events however, I like to put a little more effort into it. Generally I don't do fancy styles; I usually opt for some variation of a half updo. What is hard is finding the right products to give my hair the shine, bounce, and definition I want. Enter Number 4 High Performance Hair Care, and their amazing Texture Styling Creme!

I received the Valentine's Day Gift Set from N.4 Hair Care, which includes the Texture Styling Creme, and bonus gifts of their Mighty Hair Spray and Fluoro5 Elixir Restore and Repair Oil.
The Texture Creme has become my go-to product. Even on days I don't do any real styling, I love to use this in my hair! After towel drying my hair I apply a small amount to the length of my hair. I have never used a product that gives so much definition and texture without weighing down or giving my hair that stiff look and feel. This is literally the best hairstyling product I have ever used!

The Restore and Repair Oil is another great product, and one that is also now in daily use. A lot of the products used to add shine leave my hair looking oily-even if I just use a small dab. This doesn't! Adding a couple drops in with the texture creme, or applying on its own, makes my hair set and shiny without looking greasy. It also helps control frizz (the biggest issue I have with my hair!) which is a huge plus for me.

I'm normally not a fan of aerosol hairsprays, but the Mighty Hair Spray has changed my thoughts on that. This is the most un-hairspray-feeling hairspray ever, yet it holds styles very well. I literally thought it wasn't spraying right because my hair didn't get that plastered look, yet it worked great. I love using this for my bangs, because they have a tendency to curl/wave even when I use a straightener. With a bit of the texture creme before straightening, and finishing off with this Mighty Hair Spray, my bangs stay straight and in place all day-without being stiff or glued in place!

As you can tell, the N.4 hair products made a great impression on me. These styling/finishing products are some of the best I've tried, and I have loved the results every time I use them. So if you're tired of bad hair days, I suggest you give Number 4 High Performance Hair Care products a try!


Jackie said…
These products sound great. It's hard to find products that don't weight down my fine hair, or make it look to stiff.
Thanks for the review.

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