Monday, March 7, 2016

Is This House the Right One for You?

Finding your dream home isn’t the easiest of things to do. You need to not only make sure that it suits your family and lifestyle, but that it suits your budget too. This post aims to help you work out whether a house is right for you or not:

You Get Excited Thinking About Living There

When you visited the house, you may have got those excited butterflies in your tummy. It’s a little bit like falling in love. You need to love the home you’re thinking of buying, otherwise, what’s the point! If you still get excited when you think of living there, then this house could be ‘the one’. You know the answer deep down!

The Flaws Aren’t That Important

Sometimes you’ll look at a house and all you’ll see are the flaws. If you’ve viewed a house that might be the one and you’re willing to look past these flaws, there’s a good chance it could be the one. When you can only focus on the good stuff and the ‘bad stuff’ isn’t bothering you in the slightest, then you’re on the right track.


There are No ‘Deal Breakers’

Before house hunting, it’s a good idea to make a list of priorities before you look at a house. This will keep you on track. Write down the things you absolutely must have in a house. Don’t stop there though; write down the deal breakers that mean you can’t live there. If a house has no deal breakers, you could be onto something good.

You Can Imagine Giving Friends and Family the Tour

Picturing yourself giving your friends and family the tour is a very good sign. If you can imagine yourself showing them around and feeling immensely proud of your new home, there’s a chance this house is the right one for you. Even if your only option is to show them where you’re moving to via, you feel good about it!

You Know What You’d Do to Make it ‘Yours’

It’s unlikely you’re going to find a home that you don’t want to do anything to. After all, you don’t want it to remind you of the past owners. If you know what you’d do to make this home ‘yours’, it could be time to snap it up.

You Can Afford it

This is one of the most important elements of deciding whether a house is for you. Can you afford it? Hopefully you know exactly what you can afford because you worked it out before you started looking. Don’t be tempted to go for a house that’s out of your price range, or your dream home could quickly turn into a nightmare. Make sure you could still afford it if anything was to change with your situation. Is anything likely to change? Make sure you think of possible scenarios so you’re prepared for them and you know what you’d do if any of them occurred.

Ultimately, you know deep down if a house is for you or not. Go with your gut!

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