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Interview With Erin Krakow

 Hey y'all,

This is in interview I've been really excited about since its with one of the lead actresses from one of my favorite tv shows - When Calls The Heart.  So without further ado here is my interview with the talented Erin Krakow!

1. What made you want to become an actor?
My mom says it started when my little brother was born (I was 5 and a half) and I suddenly had to share the attention. I’ve been putting on shows for a long time! I’ve always loved creating characters, telling stories, and getting to take an audience on an emotional journey. The heart called ;)

2. Is it hard to be away from home while filming When Calls The Heart?
There are certainly things I miss about home while I’m filming: family, friends, SUNSHINE (so far we’ve filmed mainly in the winter), but I love what I do and for that reason it really isn’t too great a challenge. I think it’s important to stay present and appreciate what’s in front of you - otherwise you end up missing out on a lot of joy. I’m so grateful that the cast & crew of “When Calls the Heart” are not only incredibly talented, but they’re also some of the kindest, silliest, most supportive people I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. We really have become a family.

3. What types of acting roles do you like best? Do you prefer to do drama, comedy, adventure or romance?
I started with a passion that was strongest for comedy, but I’ve ended up working on a lot of projects that are more dramatic. One of the nice things about “When Calls the Heart” is that it covers so many of those genres: there’s comedy, tragedy, action, adventure, romance etct’s strange and surreal and nostalgic to remember it now.  Anyway, I never knew just how much of an impact “When Calls the Heart” would have and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

4. What drew you to When Calls the Heart?
I remember reading about the project and the role of Elizabeth and immediately feeling connected to it. I’d always loved period pieces and so this felt like a unique opportunity, but on a deeper level, I knew it was a story with a lot of heart. I think that’s what drew me in. I read for the role several times and every time I went in I felt so comfortable and happy to be there. From the very beginning, everyone involved was just so positive. It’s a wonderful feeling – a hard one to describe. And then reading with Dan at our last chemistry read was very special. 

5. Did you ever hear of Janette Oke or read any of her books before WCTH?
I’m embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t read any of Janette’s books before “When Calls the Heart,” but I certainly have since!! I’m a huge fan! Janette has the kindest heart. Her visits to set have been so dear to us. She makes everyone feel valued and loved. We are so lucky that Janette created the books that inspired our show, and it’s an absolute honor that she is so supportive of us!

6. Was there any other woman’s role in the series that you would have been willing to play if not cast as Elizabeth?
I’ve never really thought about that! Part of what drew me to the series was Elizabeth. There are so many amazing roles on the show that would be fun to play but I think Elizabeth suits me best.

7. What is your favorite dress that you’ve worn in WCTH?
This is a very hard question to answer. One of the MANY things I love about playing Elizabeth is her wardrobe. I’ve worn so many beautiful things over the course of our three seasons – some truly vintage, some purchased from modern stores and altered to look vintage, and some created from scratch. I think one of my favorites was the dress I wore to the dance in Season one. That was a vintage find. It had the most beautiful draping. I felt like a princess. BUT I was dancing with the con artist Billy Hamilton and not Jack so I feel like I have to pick another dress! There was another beautiful vintage dress for the dinner date with Jack at Abigail’s café. That was a special scene and a turning point in Jack & Elizabeth’s relationship. I told you this was a hard question to answer!! The list goes on and on….

8. Do you have suggestions for specific ways we can support you and the rest of the cast and crew?
If you’re not already an official Heartie, join the Hearties! We have the best fans EVER! You can find them on Facebook here: Continue watching WCTH and please share it with everyone you know – be it on social media or face to face! 

Erin, Thank you so much for doing this! Readers I hope you enjoyed.  And remember When Calls The Heart airs on Sundays 9/8c!
Thanks for reading.


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