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Impress Your House Guests With These Simple Suggestions

Would you like to make sure houseguests always leave with a smile on their face? Do you want to improve the experience for anyone who might visit during 2016? Then you’ve come to the right place. The simple suggestions on this page are guaranteed to impress your friends and family members this year. Best of all? You won’t have to break the bank to turn these ideas into a reality. You just need to pay attention and tailor the advice to suit your personal tastes and requirements. At the end of the day, nobody wants a guest to leave their home feeling less than satisfied.

Provide top quality bath towels

When someone pays for a hotel room, bath towels are often the first thing they check. Your friends and family might not do the same thing, but the quality is still crucial. Thankfully, many specialists selling wholesale bath towels for hotels and spas will also sell to the public these days. That means you can buy a decent stock without settling for those retail prices. Egyptian cotton is also preferable when it comes to selecting the best linen and sheets for your guest bedroom. If you manage to get all that sorted before people arrive, they are sure to appreciate the effort you made.

Remove those old carpets

Carpets are some of the most comfortable flooring solutions. However, they deteriorate over time, and so you might want to make a change. Removing your carpets should expose the wooden floor underneath. You can coat that wood in particular solutions to make sure it becomes tough and durable. You can then buy thick rugs to cover the areas in which people are likely to walk barefoot. Again, using wholesale sellers for your rug purchases should help you to save money. Wooden floors always look more upmarket, and so your guest will get the utmost luxury. Also, it’s much easier to clean a wooden floor because you can sweep rather than vacuum.

Improve your lighting solutions

Most guests will want to control the light in their bedrooms. One big bulb in the middle of their room isn’t enough to create the right atmosphere. So, it’s sensible to provide them with lamps, dimmer switches and anything you find appealing. Candles are always a brilliant choice. Try to place lights near to the bed so they’re in the perfect position for reading. Also, search YouTube if you need a guide for installing dimmer switches without assistance. It’s a simple task, but you might need some guidance if you’ve never done it before. Just make sure you turn the power off before messing around with any electrical wiring. You don’t need me to tell you what could happen.

There are many other improvements you could make to impress your guests. However, covering the basics is more important than anything else right now. Once you’ve completed all the ideas on this page, you might consider redecorating the entire guest bedroom. If you haven’t painted the walls for a couple of years, they probably require some attention. Also, you should think about practical issues your guests might face. Always make sure there is enough room for their car on the drive, and tell them to use the phone whenever they like.


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