Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How You Can Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

With spring being finally upon us, a lot of us will want to give our home a spring cleaning. It can sometimes feel like certain areas got neglected over the winter and we need to brighten things up. Having a bright and airy home is so nice during warmer months. You might not be going away on vacation, but it can feel like you are if you have a bright and happy home. Here are a few ways that you can brighten up your home.


Getting a few more mirrors around the home can make such a difference. They make rooms look larger, and they reflect the light from windows. So as a result, it makes rooms much brighter. It is worth investing in a few large mirrors and using them in areas like stairways and hallways. Those areas are quite open anyway, but they will seem so spacious and bright with mirrors in them. Something to do in your room is to get a few different shaped mirrors, but that are all a similar size. They can be arranged on a wall in a mosaic style. It will look so cute and of course, add brightness to the room.



If you have a home that is naturally quite dim, you want to make sure you have plenty of great lighting. You could choose a few floor lamps to brighten corners of the room that don’t get well lit. You could update a fixture to a chandelier style light. As there is room for a lot of bulbs, it can make the room look completely different! Another option is an LED light strip. It could be for around the bed frame in your room or a children’s room. It adds brightness and sparkle to any room. It would also work as a bedside lamp for when reading books on an evening.

Lighting in a bathroom is to be considered too. Could you put some lights around the mirror in the bathroom? The reflections from the mirror will make it sparkle and give your mirror that movie star look. Bathrooms can be quite dark because of the frosted glass, so you could choose spotlights too. They make sure that every part of the room gets well lit.

Update the Paint

It makes sense that rooms looks brighter, the lighter it is painted in, right? Think about giving some of the rooms in your house an update with a lick of paint. You could choose whites or creams. Pastel colours like lemon would work well too. If you can’t face doing the whole of a room, you could just paint a feature wall. Just painting one wall in a brighter colour will make a difference. It will add a new dimension to the room too.

Blinds instead of Curtains

If you use blinds instead of curtains, it can lighten up the room a whole lot. Curtains can be quite thick and heavy. They can make a room look a little stuffy and not brighten it at all.

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