Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why Not Build Your Own Home?

There is a reason that it is difficult to find the perfect home out there. Price is generally one barrier. The truth is that real estate is just getting more expensive all the time. Secondly, finding the right home for you and your family is difficult because it is someone else’s home! Most home buyers start off spending money on a home and then having to spend a lot more to make it into the home of their dreams. Any way you look at it, that is an expensive way of doing business. It is also a costly, time consuming and messy way of getting the home that is right for you. Instead, why not build your own house? Here’s how it can be done.

Decide on your budget.

Work out exactly how much you have to spend. If you have savings or investments it might be time to call them in. Do you have members of the family who are happy to invest in your project? That could be a smart way of keeping business in the family. One solution might be to look at a multigenerational project. Talk to your bank or building society. See how much you are able to borrow. There will be special loans tailored to self build or home build projects. Typically they’ll pay a portion of the money upfront and pay the balance in stages as the house is signed off.

Look for a piece of land

You will need somewhere to build your house. Look around and see what is on the market. It could be worth advertising yourself. You might know someone who is willing to subdivide a section and allow you to build. You will have to get outline planning consent and then later down the track you will have to submit detailed plans. Typically if a plot of land already has planning, it will be more expensive.

Choose a house design

This is where the fun part starts. You will need to start to consider what your needs are. It is fairly straightforward to buy a set of plans, but you should make sure that they are going to cover you as far as regulations are concerned. Do they come with specification for foundations and wiring etc? The House Plan Shop can offer you a comprehensive range of designs to suit all budgets and tastes. Being able to view your plans in 3d will help to give you an idea of the space inside.

Talk to a contractor

Talk to a contractor to see how much it will cost to build your new home. You will be better off if you use a registered and reputable builder. They should be able to offer you a fixed price with a guarantee for completion. That means any overrun will be their liability and the price you will agree will not change. Make sure you know what is covered by the costs. Allow for extras that you will have to pay for such as heating systems, carpets, floor, curtains and kitchen and bathrooms. These items can be costly and it will pay to know how much you need to save.

With everything agreed and in place you will be able to take a step back. Let the process happen. Project manage it by all means if you can, but allow the professionals to do their work. Hopefully in a few months from now you will be getting ready to move into your new home.

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