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Quick Tips for a Light and Airy Home

We often aspire to have light and airy rooms in our home. Light makes a room look bigger and more inviting. An uncluttered space often seems to create a peaceful atmosphere. It can be a magnet for family members and guests alike. But how do we go about achieve this effect? Whether with extensive redecorating or a handful of simple tweaks, we can make a room instantly appear lighter with these quick tips.

Neutral Colours

The use of a neutral colour palette prevents a room from feeling claustrophobic or dismal. They reflect light more effectively and can create a sumptuous, luxurious atmosphere. Accessorised with coloured cushions or throws, a space can be personalised to reflect your taste while still appearing light and spacious.


Reflective surfaces have long been reputed to make a space look larger. An ornate mirror or panel of reflective tiles can be a chic and contemporary addition. By reflecting light from the window and the rest of the room, mirrors seem to expand the dimension of a space. Tailor it to your tastes by personalising the frame and fixtures. A driftwood style frame could create a laid-back beachy atmosphere, for example. A gilded frame creates an air of elegance.

Candles and Lamps

Lamps, candles, and overhead lighting not only bring light to the room but also create a space that is entirely your own. Linear, metallic lamps can create a contemporary, stylish feel. More rounded, softer lighting will appear cosier and warmer in effect. Candles are not only homely and perfect for the evening, they can also have a beautiful scent.

Fresh Flowers

Plants and flowers add a light, fresh feeling to any room as well as being beautiful in themselves. For a feminine room, roses in a variety of colours can add sophisticated to bare tables and surfaces. For a more neutral or family room, succulents and leafy plants make a room appear vibrant and natural.

Metallic accents

Mirrored furniture or large metallic features may add light but they are not to everyone’s taste. For a more subtle take on the trend, add metallic accents and features. Door knobs and dresser drawers, for example, or metallic threads woven into throws. Ornaments that shine will also create the illusion of more natural light, as well as adding personality.

A Glass Door

If home renovations are an option, consider adding a glass door to a room that doesn’t get much natural light. Not only is light from other areas of the house more likely to shine in, but the addition of glass brings its own light and luminosity.

It may not be an obvious suggestion, but the scent of a room can affect your perception of it. Musty or cloying smells can instantly make guests feel claustrophobic. If it is not possible to open a window to allow fresh air to circulate, there are other solutions. Scent diffusers are a popular way to keep a room smelling fresh and airy throughout the day, without the need to spray. Stick to fresh, fruity scents or neutral florals if you are emphasising a light and airy atmosphere. Spicier or woody scents can make an atmosphere seem heavier and closer.


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