Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Medieval Times Orlando Florida

Hi Neighbors!

Many of you know that we have been on a trip for a little over 2 weeks now.  We headed down to Florida, where the 4 girls went on a Southern Gospel Music Cruise!  We dropped them off last Monday and they returned to port Saturday.  They had a great time and we are now headed towards home.

While the girls were on the cruise, hubby and I had the opportunity to visit Medieval Times in Orlando, Florida.  This is basically a dinner theater.  We arrived a little early, so we could investigate the small town they have set up right next door.  We found it very interesting to see rooms set up from that time period.  My husband wanted to take a little time to see the torture room, that showed several different methods of torture that used to be used.  The masks below were designed for women who spoke out against government, etc.

After visiting the small town, we headed inside to wait to be seated.As you all know we have previously visited the Medieval Times of Chicago.  It appeared to me that this was a slightly smaller castle, but it was definitely busy and very full on the evening we visited.  The storyline is the same as the Chicago castle.  I still enjoyed watching different knights, a different chancellor and of course a different king and princess.

During the show at Medieval Times you are served a meal, which you eat with your hands.  No utensils are used.  Your soup is in a bowl with a hand, which you pick up and drink.  The meal consists of a tomato bisque soup, seasoned chicken, garlic bread, a half potato, and corn on the cob.  For dessert there is a flaky, fruit-filled, pastry.  They offer tea, water and soda for beverages.  If you are vegan they have a special meal on hand.

While partaking of this delicious meal, you will be entertained by well-trained horses, a falcon hunting presentation, a competition between the different knights, all while a story unfolds.  Good will triumph over evil by the end of the evening.  Each section of the audience is assigned a knight to cheer for.  You will enjoy a fun filled evening of entertainment and fun at the Orlando castle.  We did!

If you are planning a trip to Orlando be sure to add Medieval Times to your list of attractions to visit. If you check out the Medieval Times website you can locate the castle closest to you as they have a few scattered around the states.

Thanks for stopping by today!  See you soon!

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