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For all my homeschooling friends out there I have a really helpful program review here from  We were given the opportunity through TOS to review their Pro Plan.

Since I only have one daughter left in homeschool, most of the lessons I looked at were for High School age students.  I did browse some others, but obviously I did not need any of the lower grades included.

One of the things I really liked about the lessons is that they include videos to help teach your student.  I will confess, I am not real patient teaching math, so it is nice to have another option to turn to.  I am one of those who because I see the problem clearly and logically, I get frustrated after walking someone through a problem more than once or twice, because of course it is just logical.  Having online lessons available helps!

Here is an example of how one of the classes works.  Finding Percentages is a course that will teach your child how to figure out, percentages.  One of the questions I often get asked by my children throughout school is, "Will I ever really use this again?"  As far as percentages go, I had to tell them yes.  You have to figure percentages for leaving tips, if you purchase something together with a couple people, you may need to figure the percentage each person must pay...  On to the class.

The lesson starts off with some sample questions.  This will help your student and you to gauge their understanding of percentages.  For this class there were two required videos to watch. Each video was between 2-3 minutes.  Some activities are often included as well as the worksheets for practicing.    You also have a list of additional sources that includes links to further your child's knowledge of percentages.

This is just part of what provides.  Along with many individual lessons for your use, from math to science, they also give you the opportunity to create your own quizzes, tests, and worksheets, which can be used online or printed off.  How many times have you needed to create your own quiz or worksheet?  The program is so easy to use and allows you the ability to choose from, Fill in the Blank, True or False, Multiple Choice, etc.

The Pro Plan allows you to add students, assign lessons, etc.  If you have more than one student this makes your job a little easier.  There are just so many uses for  They do have the option for a FREE ACCESS, which is great for you to give it a test run, but the Pro Plan includes access to so much more.  You can have more questions on your tests and quizzes, you can administer your tests through their Test Room and so much more.

I have barely tapped the us of my Pro Plan.  Once you sign in you can search for lessons by grade or subject.  This is definitely a very helpful site for strengthening your child's knowledge in a subject they may need some extra help in.

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