Friday, February 12, 2016

Give Your House Exterior A Spring Makeover

With winter preparing to wind down its activities for another year, signs of Spring are already making themselves felt. Now is a great time to look at the battering our houses have taken over the season. Winter’s not a great time for getting up on any roof, and it’s often too cold or wet for painting. So with milder days not far away this is the best time to do your house check and get ready for those jobs that you want to get done before the weather turns warm.
Roof check

Up on the ladders for this one, or simply find a vantage point and grab a pair of binoculars. You want to see what the condition of the roof is like. You are looking for any misplaced or cracked tiles in particular. If your roof is slate, you will have the same concerns. If you have a corrugated metal roof, look for signs of rust and any fastenings that have lifted.

It may be that you can’t spot any obvious water incursion from the outside. A way to check on this is to get up into the attic and ensure that the roof tar paper is dry and not deteriorating and that there is no water coming in. The fact is you may have a leak a long time before you realise it. If you think your roof needs repair talk to the experts and find out if residential roof replacement is necessary. It is always worth while taking professional advice.

Check your guttering while you are here. Make sure that all joints are good and that the channels are clear of debris. If you have a gutter protection in place give it a clean out, and test to see if all the gutters are working and clear. Any pools of water around the base of the house or in the garden might indicate that you have a problem with drainage. On the other hand it might be wise to wait a while and allow things to dry out. When it comes to refreshing your garden over the next few months, you could always improve the drainage and porous nature of soil by aerating it.

Exterior Walls

Spring is actually a great time for preparing and painting or coating the outside of a house. This is not a pleasant job when it gets too hot and is best done with little sunlight. So with that in mind, pressure wash the walls and then use a wire brush to take away any loose paint. Depending on the surface of your house, you will need to brush or roller or even spray your finish on. You should budget for two coats and measure out the walls so you know exactly how much paint you will require.

Hopefully, you'll be within easy reach of all the surfaces. It is not worth taking the risk of overextending yourself of overreaching. Hire a cherry picker of a small amount of scaffolding to give yourself a good base. Work slowly and methodically giving your first coat plenty of time to dry. Fill cracks and holes as you go.

With these tasks complete you’ll have given your home the boost it needs to see you through the year. A time you’ll be set to enjoy with the big jobs out of the way.

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