Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Girls Explore

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Here is a product that arrived too late for our Holiday Gift Guide.  It is from Girls Explore!  They have created some really neat dolls to help your daughter explore her world.  Many of the women have done something in the past that has made them famous or well known.  You can purchase the dolls by themselves, or as a set.  The sets include a book and a few extras. These sets create a great educational opportunity for learning about important wisdom in history.

Our first is, Babe Didrikson Zaharias.  Babe was a female athlete.  She competed in track and field and then went on to play golf and found the LPGA.  Included in this set, is the well made doll, her biography, a golf club (for Babe) and a working, harmonica for your daughter.  The harmonica was a favorite of Babe's.  The doll has hard plastic legs, arms and head, with a cloth body.  I am impressed with the quality of the doll.  The hardback biography is a little over 100 pages and includes several black and white photos.

The next set is Harriet Tubman.  The doll is just as well made as the Babe.  She comes with a cloak and a small bag for your daughter made of the same material as the cloak.  Both dolls are dressed for their time period.  She also has a hardback biography as well, which is just over 100 pages.

There are a couple other figures available from Girls Explore.  This includes: Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman, Dr. Dot Richardson, and Mary Cassat.  Each of these women have stood out in some way.  They have worked and achieved a  goal, that will help inspire your daughters to strive and do their best.

Check out the website to see the various items offered through Girls Explore.  Along with the dolls, biographies and sets, you can also purchase posters and prints.  Another unique offer from Girls Explore are the teaching units available for schools and homeschools.  These contain activity guides and teacher guides.

I am looking forward to see what Girls Explore will offer next.  Take a moment to check their specials page.  Be sure to also follow them on their social media pages to stay up on any new products!

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