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Crucial Home Improvements For Spring

It’s not quite Spring yet, but we’re just around the corner. For homeowners, that means just one thing. Spring cleaning! We also like to go one step further, and taking the opportunity to make some big home improvements. It’s a chance to shake off winter’s claws, and breathe new life into the property. We like to spread the workload over a couple of weekends, and really get stuck into the job. Today, we’re running through our top five home improvements to help you start making a list.

1. Clean up the front of the house

The home take a battering over the winter months. The harsh winds and rain wreak havoc on the property, and it needs a helping hand to nurture it back to life. The paint on the facade starts to peel off. The door and windows start to deteriorate. The front lawn grows unruly! Start by repainting the facades and the window frames. You can also replace the brass features on the door for a new lease of life. Tidy up the front lawn, and replace any broken patio slabs.

2. Clean the gutters and straighten the roof tiles

We don’t always think to look up to the roof when we’re doing work on the house. But, you might be in for a surprise. Over the colder months, the gutters can quickly clog up with leaves and debris. The inevitable sludge needs removing quickly, before the overflow of water causes damp in the house. Meanwhile, check the roof for any waylaid tiles. In the harsh winds, it’s easy for them to come loose. You can quite quickly straighten them, and put them back in place.

3. Clean air filters and AC units

You might not know this, but dusty air filters can cause all sorts of health problems. Dust and allergens spread throughout the house, and can cause trouble in the lungs. And, there are plenty of places for these little critters to hide. From air ducts to drier vents, your filters need a regular cleaning. If you ask me, it’s best to hire the experts to take care of the air duct cleaning and the AC unit inspections. Both can build up with dust and dirt over the winter.

4. Repaint the house

Spring is a great time to try out a new colour or shade in the home. Why not set aside the weekend to repaint the main rooms of the house? Some neutral tones in the kitchen will help breathe new life into the room. Meanwhile, in the living room, try a cosier dark colour. It’s a simple change that makes an enormous difference to the ambience and feel of the home.

5. A complete Spring clean

Finally, the dreaded Spring clean. It’s time to get behind the cupboards, and clean all those nasty places you didn’t know existed. Use a spring cleaning checklist, and make sure you tick off all the essentials along the way.

Using these tricks, you’ll set your house up beautifully for the summer.


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