Thursday, January 21, 2016

Top Tips For A Family Garden

Have you ever wondered if you could make more of your yard? Sometimes looking out at the same old yard can be a bit depressing. While the weather is cooler why not take some time to think how you could makeover your garden with your family’s needs at the centre? You could create a space for relaxing and hanging out together. But you could also build in a little activity centre for burning off energy and a little creative play. Why not add in a vegetable garden or a growing plot to keep those small fingers active and create the budding gardeners of the future?

Space for relaxing together.

It’s good to start with something you can all share and having that outdoor space can be a great bonus. The main thing is to have a level area that has a hard surface. That way even if the ground is a bit damp you can still get outside. A patio or area laid to brick is hard wearing and will always be functional. A deck is a quick way to get a great finish. They can be installed easily and are within reach of the average DIYer. If your deck is high, you’ll need to think about installing balustrades, but a timber bench can frame a flat deck area nicely. The benches can also be useful for storing toys and all of those outdoor bits and pieces that come in useful.

Make yourself comfortable outside and you will enjoy the space a whole lot more. Wooden furniture will do, but rattan garden furniture adds a real touch of class and comfort. You might be reluctant to come inside!

If you have children, especially young ones, you’ll want to make sure that you have some shade. Deck umbrellas will do, but for maximum effect get a shade sail. These are easy to install and will give you a cool and blissful area to keep out of the sun.

Activity areas and outdoor play

The age of your little ones will help you decide on your needs. Younger children just love playing in sand. A covered garden sandpit and play area will be a brilliant choice and give them hours of fun and you hours of peace! If your kids are getting older and love to hang around then monkey bars or a climbing frame is a must. You could start with a basic climbing frame and then add more as you can afford it to keep the kids challenged. Again it’s hours of fun for them and another project for the competent DIYer in the family. Old car tyres make great swings and in a child's imagination can be just about anything they like.

Growing and eating

A basic raised vegetable bed can produce a stunning array of fruit and vegetables. Keeping it small means manageable. The addition of a trellis will help you grow vegetables that climb, such as peas, beans and even squashes. A raised bed is easier to water, nourish and keep weed free.

Whatever you decide creating an outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy does not have to be expensive. With just a few ideas and little imagination and hard work, you can transform your garden into a world of enjoyment and adventure to share.

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