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Prepare Your Home For A Pet With These Super Tips

Bringing a new pet into your home requires quite a bit of careful planning and organization. For a start, your pet will be nervous and excited. A new environment can be quite daunting for any animal. And if the pet has not met you or your family before, it may take a little time for your new pet to settle in.

To make sure the first few hours go smoothly, plan your introductions carefully. If it’s just you in the home, then it should be a little easier to manage. If you need to introduce excitable children to your new pet, it’s best to do this one at a time spread out over a few hours.

Start by preparing the areas where your pet will be sleeping and eating. Your pet will need a cozy bed that is out of the way of the rest of the family. It will help them feel more comfortable and secure. And we all need somewhere to sleep where we won’t be disturbed! The eating area should also be out of the way of family activity. Some animals can become quite possessive about their food. If there are lots of people around, they may feel threatened.

Many pets enjoy playing, especially young animals like puppies and kittens. Have a few toys that encourage play and fun. Finally, if you have a new pet dog, it’s time to get collars and leads ready, so you can take him out for walks.

Your home isn’t going to stay clean for long with a new pet. All animals shed fur, so you’ll need a good vacuum to keep on top of it. You can find a review of the best vacuum for pet hair online. You may want to invest in a carpet cleaner and mop for hard floors too. While cats will wash themselves, dogs may need to be bathed and showered off after muddy walks. A utility area with a hose can be ideal.

When you first bring your new pet home, bring him into a room where you can sit comfortably for half an hour or so. This should ideally be the room where the pet’s bed is. Your pet will sniff around and explore the layout of the room. Keep doors shut so there aren’t any other places for your pet to go right now.

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After a while, your pet may settle in their basket. This can be a good time to open the door to the next room and sit in there for a while. Your pet is likely to follow you. If there are more people to meet, have just one or two of them in that room. TVs should be low volume, and activities should be quiet and calm at this stage. Keep adding rooms and people little by little until your pet feels comfortable with the home and everyone in it.

Introducing a nervous pet to a new home can take a lot of patience and time. It’s best to get on with your day to day activities, so there is less attention on the pet at first. Offer cuddles whenever they are required to help assure your pet you are a person to be trusted. Enjoy your new fur friend!


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