Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Photography Fun!

Hey neighbors!

My daughter and I are working more on our camera skills this year.  She has a really good eye for pictures.  I on the there hand enjoy taking pictures.  We both now have Lightroom on our computers to edit our photos.  We both have the Canon T3i and I also own a Canon T5.  We have picked up and few extra lenses and are now taking a huge amount of photos one day and then spending a couple of days, many hours, editing.  We compare pictures and of course help each other.  Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of photos here to show you how it is going.  They will only be my photos, as she puts most of hers on her own website: www.memoriesbymodesty.com .

Here is the first one I want to share.  I will post the original, and then show you what it became after editing.

Here is another that I took of Modesty while we were out.

And here is an older eagle picture I pulled in to Lightroom.

And here is one more of some pelicans.

Please leave a comment or two.  Let me know if you really like one, really dislike one, or just a thumbs up.  Thanks for stopping in!

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