Thursday, January 21, 2016

How To Fix Up An Old Home

Getting you and your family into the right property can be a struggle. Houses are not cheap, and sometimes buying can be a challenge. You have to be a little creative and resourceful. Renovating an old home can be a great way to get started. A bonus is that sometimes older houses have a lot of character. With a lot of hard work and a bit of budgeting, it can be possible for anyone to turn their hand to a bit of renovation. You’ll not only be fixing up your home; you will be adding value and getting yourself one step closer to that dream property. So if you are in that house right now, or you are looking at a project here are a few tips.

You don’t have to do it all at once.

Real life is not always like a home renovation show! You are not going to do this in twenty minutes. It might take you a while, so make a list of the things that you can live with and the things that you can do without. Break down the tasks ahead of you. Categorize them in terms of budget and timescale. Having the fitted kitchen of your dreams is not going to be as important as rewiring or sorting out a problem with rising damp. A sumptuous bathroom might have to take its place when it comes to getting a heating system installed that is not going to cost the earth. Take a good look at your priorities. Sleeping well and securely is going to be one of them. Nothing else is going to be okay unless you get a good night’s sleep, so maybe you and your children’s bedrooms are a priority.

Start outside and work your way in

A good home is a dry home. It is one with a roof that does its job. Getting your roof reconditioned or even replaced will make all the difference to your comfort and well-being. Talk to a reputable roofing company about the best way to tackle any problems that you might have. You might attempt one or two small repairs yourself. It will be far better to hire a professional contractor to work quickly with the right equipment to secure the roof over your head.

Windows, doors, and exterior walls should be a high priority. Keeping weather out is the job of these, and you'll need to ensure they are up to it. Older windows can be replaced like for like, or you could take the opportunity to upgrade to double glazing if it is not installed. Old wooden windows can be repaired. This can be a great project, but you might want to consider doing something like this in the spring or summer. Check that your doors are secure and that all seals work well.

Consider weather proofing your home, with paint or timber treatments. Dealing with the exterior of any home is a dry weather job. It is not worth trying to overstretch yourself on a ladder. Consider hiring or borrowing some scaffolding. It will make the job much easier.

Once you have the exterior secured and repaired you’ll feel better knowing that a huge part of your job is taken care of. You can now tackle the interior and start to plan how you can work towards giving your family the home of their dreams.

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