Monday, January 18, 2016

Greatest Dot to Dot App from Monkeying Around

Hey neighbors,

I have to admit something here, I enjoy doing dot to dots!  Now, lest you think I am a little strange, I am talking the Dot to Dot books and app from Monkeying Around.  I find doing their Dot to Dot books so relaxing.  Now they have a new app that is simply amazing.  It is just as much fun as working through one of their books!

You can try the Dot to Dot app for free, but as you progress, you will have to pay to continue.  Definitely worth the fun you will have.  These dot to dots are not for the faint hearted.  I used mine on my iPad on a recent trip we took to Chicago.  It was so much fun.  You do them just like a regular dot to dot, except you use your finger or stylus to complete the puzzles.

Some are regular dot to dots, while others require a bit more thought.  Some puzzles do all the odd numbers first, or they may have you do to a certain number and then start again at the next available number.  A few of the dot to dots are based on shapes.  You complete all the triangle numbers first and then move on to the numbers with circles or squares.  The puzzles are not just simple little animals, many are intricate pictures, such as a skier, a lion, a dune buggy, etc.  These are fun puzzles for teens and adults.

To do a puzzle follow the directions to connect the dots.  Simply move your finger or stylus to the next dot.  If you do not actually touch both dots, your line will erase and you will have to do it again. As you play you will earn different line colors and page backgrounds.  It adds an extra level to doing dot to dots as you can change colors of your lines and the background page color.

I definitely recommend the Dot to Dot App from Monkeying Around.  Be sure to at least take it for a test drive with the free sample to decide if you would enjoy the app.  I sure did!

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