Thursday, January 14, 2016

Awesome Gift Buying Guide For Pet Lovers!

There will come a time this year when you will be looking for a special gift for someone. Sometimes it can be hard to shop for someone, but if they have a particular interest.... If you’re a regular reader, you know we’re a bit pet crazy here. So, I decided to come up with a gift buying guide to help you buy gifts for fellow pet lovers.


Buying someone a mug is a classic gift idea. When you’re buying for a pet lover, it makes sense to pick a suitable mug. You can find a whole range of wonderful pet mugs out there. If you can think of a pet, there’s probably a mug with that animal on it somewhere! My top tip is to get them a mug with their favourite animal or pet on. If you can't find a mug with their particular breed or mix of breeds, get your hands on a picture of their pet and have a mug made with the picture on it!


You can’t go wrong with getting a calendar as a gift for someone, particularly if they’re a pet lover. You might be wondering how calendars have anything to do with pets at all. Well, you can get your pet loving friend an animal calendar! Think about it, what better way to start their day than seeing a lovely cat or dog on their calendar. The best part is, they get to see twelve different ones throughout the year. Plus, it’s a helpful gift because it helps them organize their life a bit better too! So, you’re supplying them with pictures of cute pets, while being a helpful friend at the same time.

Pet Items
If you’re buying for a pet lover, you may as well buy them something their pet will enjoy too! Consider purchasing some items that they can use with their pet. A new leash, for walking their dog, is one of the many great examples out there. Even some specialty pet food will go down as a treat! I find buying pet items to be good because it’s not just for them. If they’re a pet lover, they’ll spend lots of time with their pet. It makes sense to get a gift that the two of them can enjoy together.


I know this might sound a little bit strange to you but bear with me. I’m not talking about regular boring doorstops. Instead, I’m talking about animal doorstops! You can find some doorstops that are cats, dogs, turtles; you name it. Of course, I don’t mean they’re, literally, these animals. They’re often made of ceramic. Or you can get a soft cat shaped doorstop that’s partially filled with sand, so it’s weighed down a little bit. Place it by an open door and it stops that door from swinging shut. A practical gift, while also being extremely cute.

So, if you have a pet-crazy friend, think about getting them one of the gifts above. All these gifts are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday or mother’s day, you’ll find all of them will put a smile on the receiver’s face.

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