Wednesday, January 20, 2016

8 Things You Can Add to Your Kitchen for a Better Space

Are you a little bored of your current kitchen set up? Do you wish it was a space you could do more with, or maybe you wish it simply looked better. Whatever your reasons for wanting an upgrade, this post can help. The following 8 things will make your kitchen look and perform better. You should even find that you add value onto your home!

A Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are becoming more and more popular these days. They add an extra space to help prepare food and even a space for you to work. They are very social additions to the kitchen; you are free to continue talking and entertaining your guests while you get work done. If you have the space, it could be a very good addition to your kitchen.

Heated Flooring

Having heated flooring in the kitchen is a real luxury. Many of us know there isn’t much worse than a freezing cold kitchen floor. You don’t always have a pair of socks or slippers at hand, and you have no choice but to walk through the kitchen. This can be very uncomfortable. Although not a serious problem, you can make your kitchen a bit more luxurious with heated flooring.

Lights Inside Cupboards

Having lights inside your cupboards can show off your favourite plates and cups. It can even show off any collections you’ve chosen to display in the kitchen. Even if you haven’t got much to display, having these lights on can make your kitchen look really pretty when you have guests over.


A Feature Splashback

Having a feature splashback can add a pretty element to your kitchen. You can use it to incorporate pattern and colour, or simply to create a practical point to easily wipe away food and splashes.

A Breakfast Bar

Breakfast bars pretty much do what they say on the tin. Sitting down at a breakfast bar to eat your first meal of the day is a great way to start it off, so it can be a great idea to add one to your kitchen.

Task Lighting

All kitchens need proper task lighting. If you haven’t got proper lighting, it could be a good idea to install some. How else will you properly serve food to your guests?

New Appliances

New appliances might cost more at first, but they can help you to save money in the long run on your bills. They often look much better too! There’s a knack to knowing when to repair your appliance and when to replace. Make sure you do your research.

New Fittings

Having new fittings can give your kitchen a completely new look too. By simply replacing the faucets and any light fittings, you can make your kitchen look brand spanking new!

Which of these 8 things will you add to your kitchen for a better space? Do you already have any of them? Hopefully they’ve inspired you to design an all round better kitchen. Make sure you leave a comment below. Come back soon!

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